How To Delete Messages On Apple Watch [Easiest Ways]

How To Delete Messages On Apple Watch

If you are willing to delete messages on your Apple Watch, you should hit the circular button on your Apple Watch’s side to access the app display. Then, you should choose the Messages option. Go to those messages which you wish to delete. 

Then, your job is to swipe the conversation toward the left to see some options. Next, you should choose the red button with the trash can symbol. It helps to delete the specific message. Choose another message and swipe left again, followed by the trash button to delete it.

You should remember that it deletes the whole thread of messages for that person. So, you don’t get any option to delete individual messages in Apple Watch. Besides, it is impossible to delete all messages at once. Therefore, the only choice is to bulk delete messages from different contacts one at a time.

It is essential to manage the messages in general despite there is no option to mass-delete all messages on an Apple Watch. Like other devices, the Apple Watch has a finite amount of internal storage. If you delete unnecessary messages, it will keep the storage space of the Watch available for new messages. 

If you delete messages regularly, it will also help you to find conversations you care about. It is essential that you should be able to find messages quickly from your friend or partner but not necessarily ones for old two-factor authentication codes. If you remember these tips, dealing with Apple Watch messages has become very easy. 

Where do deleted messages go on iPhone?

There is no trash or currently deleted the folder with the iOS messaging app on iPhone. You can restore the total device from that backup if you have backed up your deleted texts. Otherwise, you can’t get the deleted texts. 

Disadvantages of Deleting Messages on Apple Watch

How To Delete Messages On Apple Watch

It is not a disadvantage. Instead, it is a drawback. No feature exists to sync message deletion between Apple Watch and iPhone.

While deleting messages from your iPhone, you can see the Apple Watch. Similarly, whether you delete messages on an Apple Watch, you can find them on your iPhone.

It indicates that users need to delete messages from Apple Watch and iPhone. But it can take time. Apple Watch doesn’t allow you to delete all messages at once. 

Whether you do not care about deleting messages on the Apple Watch, the Watch will delete these after thirty days automatically. 

How Long Do Messages Stay on Apple Watch?

Remember that messages received on Apple Watch from iPhone do not stay forever. Once thirty days are passed, you will find the messages deleted automatically from your Apple Watch.

One of the main reasons to receive messages on your Apple Watch is to enable you to check and respond to them. There is an option allowing you to select messages to be stored on your Apple

Watch for longer or permanently. It indicates that you can have instant conversations with people you are in touch with daily. 

How to Mute a Messages Conversation on Your Apple Watch

When you are unwilling to delete a conversation on your Apple Watch, you should try to mute the conversation’s notification. Therefore, whether you are busy and do not wish to receive notifications from a specific conversation, you should power off it for a specific conversation. The feature is essential to mute a group conversation. If you still want to use your Apple Watch, go through these steps to mute a Message conversation. 

  • Your first task is to head toward the Messages app and open it on the Apple Watch from the home display. Instead, you can tap on the Crown to bring up the app display.
  • Next, your job is to swipe left on the conversation you are willing to mute.
  • Hit the Do Not Disturb icon (Moon) to mute the conversation.
  • Thus, you will not get any notifications from the muted conversation. Hence, you can receive texts from the conversation, but these will not provide any notifications. Remember that a muted conversation comes with a Do Not Disturb icon adjacent to the name. Hit the Do Not Disturb icon again to unmute the conversation. 

How to Delete Many Text Messages at Once

How To Delete Messages On Apple Watch

Do you want to know how you can delete all text messages simultaneously? No method exists through which you can delete many text messages at once from your Apple Watch. Once you delete a message from the Watch, it will be removed from the iPhone, and vice versa. Although changes do not immediately sync, you can delete the messages on the iPhone to delete these from the Watch. 

If you are willing to delete many messages, you must delete many texts simultaneously from your iPhone.

  • Move to the Messages app and open it on the iPhone.
  • Thereafter, you should click on Edit.
  • Choose the option Select Messages.
  • Next, choose texts which you are willing to delete. 
  • Click on Delete.
  • Ensure that you have deleted all chosen messages. Thus, you can understand how to delete messages. 

How to Clear Apple Watch Message Threads Individually

Delete irrelevant message threads to go to all text messages. 

  • Go to the Messages App and open it from the watch face. 
  • Navigate to the Home display and open this application. 
  • After that, you should swipe left across the conversation you wish to remove. 
  • Finally, you should hit the trash icon.

Why Delete Messages From the Apple Watch?

People use Apple Watch to reply to text messages on the device itself. With creating texts, there exists an option to delete messages also and it is crucial to preserve storage space. The device has up to 32 GB of storage space, based on which model you use. 

You don’t get the feeling for all of that up with texts alone. So, try to clear Messages. Try different methods to free up some data on your device.


1. Does Deleting Text Messages Free Up Space on Apple Watch?
You may want to delete messages on the Watch. In this case, you need to do this to go to the essential conversations and look for them. There exists another reason which can help you to free up space on the Apple Watch. You can easily free up some space as you know how to delete these on the Watch. 

Remember that a message conversation generally does not free up much space. Old Apple Watch models with less storage space can offer benefits after the deletion of conversations. However, a few conversations have many photos, gifs, videos, etc. Deleting these can help you to free up space. 

2. Does deleting an iMessage delete it from all devices?
iMessages can work differently from standard SMS messaging. When turning on Messages in iCloud, if you delete an iMessage from your iCloud the iMessage will help you to delete the conversation across your Apple Watch and all other devices. After deleting an iMessage from iCloud, you never get it back. You should follow these steps to set up Messages in iCloud and delete these across several devices. 

Follow these steps if you can turn on Messages in iCloud using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. 

  • Your first job is to head toward the Settings app and open it on the device.
  • Now, you should click on the name.
  • Then, click on iCloud.
  • After that, you should toggle on the Messages option. 

If you want to turn on Messages in iCloud using Mac, go through these steps. 

  • Go to Messages and open it.
  • After that, select Messages and Preferences in the menu bar. 
  • Tap on iMessage.
  • Finally, you should choose the box adjacent to Messages to enable it in iCloud. 

After enabling Messages in iCloud, it is possible to delete iMessages across all devices. If you want to perform this on the iPhone, IPad, or iPod, you should follow these steps. 

  • Head toward the Messages app and open it. 
  • Then, your task is to swipe leftover the conversation you want to delete. 
  • Hit the Delete icon.
  • Finally, tap on Delete to confirm.

If you do it on Mac, follow these steps.

  • Move to the Messages app and open it.
  • Tap on the conversation which you are willing to delete. 
  • Then, you should select the Delete Conversation option.
  • Finally, you should tap on Delete.

These will help you to delete messages across all devices, including your Apple Watch, where you have set up iCloud. However, you must remember that it is suitable for only iMessages.

3. Should you delete old text messages?
Your system can delete old text messages automatically every 30 days. Thus, it prevents you from getting in trouble if the mobile slips into the wrong hands. 

4. When you delete a text message does it delete for the other person?
Although you delete the conversation, another person will have it in the record. However, it appears on your mobile like a new conversation.

5. Does the Apple Watch automatically delete messages?
These messages will be deleted once the new messages are added to the iPhone.

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