How To Fix Steam Client Bootstrapper


You can try to disable the steam overlay and put the client display back to default. Besides, you can look for the Red Shell Software to fix the steam client bootstrapper. How To Fix Steam Client Bootstrapper?

Best Fixes To Steam Client Bootstrapper:

The process of fixing high CPU caused by the Steam Client Bootstrapper process is as follows:

1. Disable Steam Overlay:

Steam Overlay is famous for causing high CPU usage while playing a game. While it is true that the overlay is useful for a few in-game features, you may want to turn it off for Steam’s current version if it is problematic.

You can turn off Steam Overlay in this way:

●      Your first task is to tap two times on Steam on the desktop.

●      If it is not existing, it is possible to find it with the help of the Start menu. Whether you use Windows 10, your job is to use the search bar or Cortana on the bottom left of the display.

●      After opening Steam, you should tap on Settings.

●      Next, you should move to the in-game tab.

●      Then, you need to check your Steam Overlay at the window top.

●      Now, your job is to disable this by unchecking. Next, hit OK.

●      Then, you should tap on Steam at the top left of your client. Now, click on Exit. Ensure not to do this by tapping on the X at the top right corner. It helps to reduce the app.

●      Now, you should open Steam again.

●      Finally, your task is to launch a game. Then, check if your device is still encountering a high CPU issue.

2. Make Library The Default Window:

The Bootstrapper Client might use plenty of processors if the default window is Store but lowers back down again while changing to Library. Once you find your default set to the Steam Store, you should go through these steps to change it.

How To Fix Steam Client Bootstrapper

●      You should tap twice on Steam on the desktop or find the option. Then, you should find it and open it with the help of the Start menu.

●      After opening, your task is to tap on Settings.

●      Then, tap on the ‘Select which Steam window appears when the program starts’ option.

●      After that, select Library rather than Store on the menu.

●      Thereafter, your task is to tap on Steam at the top left of the client and tap on Exit.

●      Then, you should launch a game after opening Steam again. We hope it will work for you.

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3. Put The Client Skin Back To Default:

Sometimes, the problem can appear due to changing the default skin used by the client. While changing the skin is a bit fun, whether you prefer personalization, it can negatively affect the functionality and stability of Steam. The method to put the original skin back in place includes:

●      Tao twice on Steam on the desktop or find it. Then, use the Start menu to open.

●      As soon as you open it, you should tap on Settings.

●      After that, you need to tap on Interface.

●      Next, choose ‘default skin’ from the menu appearing.

●      Hit Steam at the client’s top left. After that, you should tap on Exit.

●      Finally, you should open Steam and then launch a game. At last, check if the solution works.

4. See Whether The Beta Steam Client Is Better:

●      Tao twice on Steam on the desktop or find it. Then, use the Start menu to open.

●      After you open this, you should tap on Settings.

●      Then, you must tap on Account.

●      Tap on the Change under Beta participation.

●      Tap the drop-down menu in the new window.

●      Next, you should choose the ‘Steam Client Candidate’ option.

●      Tap on Apply.

●      Then, hit Steam at the client’s top left and tap on Exit.

●      Finally, you should open it and launch any game. Then, check if any solution works.

5. Find Red Shell Spyware:

It shares information on the pc with different third parties. This issue disappeared previously. But, the tracker can remain on the pc. Thus, you can create a script blocking the host file’s tracker.

How To Fix Steam Client Bootstrapper

●      Hence, your first task is to tap on Start.

●      After that, you should find File Explorer Options and open it.

●      Then, navigate to the View tab.

●      Choose the radio button below Hidden Files to the ‘Show Hidden Files’ option.

●      Tap on OK.

●      Then, you should open your Notepad app.

●      If you cannot find this, you should hit the Windows key and R. Now, write notepad.exe.

●      Perform copy & paste the code into Notepad:

@echo off

set hostspath=%windir%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

echo >> %hostspath%

echo >> %hostspath%

echo >> %hostspath%

echo >> %hostspath%

echo >> %hostspath%

echo >> %hostspath%

echo >> %hostspath%

echo >> %hostspath%

echo Host file edited.



●      Tap on Ctrl and S to save it.

●      You should name the file script.bat. Hence, you must ensure that ‘Save as type’ is set to All.

●      You can save this wherever you want.

●      After that, your task is to look for the file and tap on it. Next, you should choose the ‘Run as administrator’ option.

●      At last, see if you can fix the issue.

6. Repair The Steam Service:

This solution might help you to lower CPU usage. Try this if you encounter a problem with the Steam Bootstrapper Client. The process to repair the service is as follows:

●      Bring the Run dialog box by tapping on the Windows key and R.

●      After that, you should write the following command. Next, tap on Ctrl and Shift and Enter to get administrator access: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\bin\SteamService.exe” /repair.

●      Finally, see if the problem works for you.

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Reasons The Steam Client Bootstrapper Might Cause High CPU

Several different causes exist because the app can take up more system resources than it should. You should look which of the following will match what you are experiencing:

1. Steam Overlay: It is a bit risky to use as plenty of games might become unstable whether you use the overlay or not. Sometimes, it can affect Steam itself. Therefore, you must make sure it is disabled.

2. Default Windows Set To Store: Does the Steam client open the Store tab while opening Steam? If so, you should try to change it to Library. Solving the problem can sound like an awkward process, but it will work.

3. Changing Skins:

Ensure that you must not use fancy Steam skins. If you are willing to use a different skin on the Steam client, it can make the processor have a problem with Steam Client Bootstrapper. Therefore, you should try to reset it back to the original one. After that, you should check if that helps.

4. Red Shell Spyware:

It is one of the spyware installed in the past with some Steam games. Now the issue has been solved. The spyware might be on the system. Hence, you should slow down the PC by gathering data.

What Causes The Steam Client Bootstrapper High CPU Problem On Windows?

Several distinct causes enable you to trigger the issue on your Windows PC. It is advised to check out the list of reasons we made below to find the scenario, as it can assist you in fixing the problem more quickly.

How To Fix Steam Client Bootstrapper

1. Steam Overlay: It is always risky to use Steam Overlay because multiple games can experience instability while using this overlay. But it appears that Steam can also struggle for the overlay to ensure to disable it.

2. Different skins: If you change the skin of the Steam client, it can cause your Steam Client Bootstrapper to high CPU. That is why it is advised to revert to the actual skin.

3. Default window set to Store: Once the Steam client opens the Store tab by default, you should switch it to the Library. Then, check if the CPU issue is fixed. Although it is an awkward fix, it has worked for multiple users.

4. Red Shell spyware: You can find the piece of spyware installed in multiple Steam games. Although the issue has been fixed, the spyware might have remained. It can collect data while causing high CPU usage by Steam Client Bootstrapper.


1. Do I need Steam Client Bootstrapper?

Usually, the Steam Client Bootstrapper app runs in the background. The major purpose is to exchange files that are missing. In addition, you should download updates and install these. You won’t find it consuming multiple system resources, or it will affect the computer.

2. How do I fix my Steam client?

You can solve the Steam client issue in the following ways:

  • Basic Steam Troubleshooting.
  • Restart Computer.
  • Reinstall Steam.

If you have macOS, you should fix these issues, including:

  • Advanced Troubleshooting.
  • Remove External Devices.
  • Refresh Local Network Hardware.
  • Update OS & Drivers.

3. How do I get rid of Steam Client Bootstrapper?

  • Your first task is ensuring you have unchecked the ‘Enable The Stream Overlay While In-Game’ option.
  • After that, your task is to hit the OK and apply the changes.
  • Then, you should use the built-in option to exit Steam. Ensure not to use the close (x) button on the top right corner.
  • Finally, your task is to launch the Stream Client again. 

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