How To Hide Snap Score On Snapchat- A Simple Guide For The Snapchat Users

How To Hide Snap Score On Snapchat
How To Hide Snap Score On Snapchat

People who do not want to reveal their day-to-day activities to other Snapchat users often ask: how to hide snap score on the Snapchat application. Snapchat is a popular social media application just like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and others. But, what makes Snapchat more famous than other social media applications is the snap score.

When Snapchat was introduced to the world, so many people, especially youngsters got attracted to this app because of the snap score. However, a snap score is nothing but a number that reveals the daily activities of the users of the Snapchat app. this simple, but amazing feature of Snapchat is now loved by millions of users.

But what if you feel that someone is stalking you on the Snapchat application? Obviously, you have to find a way out to keep the person away from viewing your activities on Snapchat. Hiding your snap score can be a good option to do that.

So, in what way you can hide your snap score from other Snapchat users? Is it possible to hide the snap score? Let’s find out.

Snap Score: What Is It? Why Does Someone Want To Hide Snap Score?

How To Hide Snap Score On Snapchat
How To Hide Snap Score On Snapchat

A snap score is nothing but a number that tracks the daily activities that you do on the Snapchat app. This is a unique feature of Snapchat. No other social media application can introduce such a feature as the snap score. With a snap score, one never feels bored to send and receive several snaps every day.

However, when someone is new to the Snapchat app, he or she might ask: what is a snap score? How does it work?

Snapchat has been keeping all the records of the activities of its users since its release. For that Snapchat is using a feature called snap score or Snapchat score. A Snapchat score means the combination of two numbers. It is a numerical rating that Snapchat gives its users based upon the number of snaps they receive and send to their friends on Snapchat.

The first number you see on your profile is indicating the number of snaps that you send to your friend. The second one is indicating the number of snaps you have received from others. But, how does snap score work? Let’s learn.

Snapchat counts your snap score by the regular activities you do on Snapchat. When someone sees your snap score, the numerical ratings tell him or her how active you are on the Snapchat app.

  1. If you send and receive several pictures or snaps regularly, your snap score goes high.
  2. Your snap score will be counted based on the number of friends you have on Snapchat.
  3. When you watch and exchange videos from your friends, your snap score will increase.
  4. Share and view stories on Snapchat as many as you can. In this way, you can increase your Snapchat score.

Another thing that can increase your snap score is the streaks. Many Snapchat users often want to know: how does snap score work with streaks?

When you are holding too many streaks with your Snapchat friends, both you and your friends can make snap score high. When you and your friend exchange one snap daily by holding the streaks, the snap score will increase by two points per streak.

Why Does Someone Need To Hide Snap Score?

Though the snap score is an attractive feature of Snapchat, many people need to hide it for their own reasons. They do not want to reveal their activities to some people. But, before jumping into the discussion regarding hiding the snap score, you need to know something more.

How To Hide Snap Score On Snapchat
How To Hide Snap Score On Snapchat

Can Others See Your Snapchat Score?

If you have added someone as your friend on Snapchat, and he or she has also added you as a friend, only then they can view your Snapchat score by visiting the profile. The snap score is public only to the friends. The good news is that strangers are not able to see your snap score anyway. They need to be a friend with you on Snapchat first.

Friends on Snapchat can easily view each other’s snap scores by visiting the profiles. It can be found under your profile icon.

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Reddit: How To Hide Score On Snapchat From Your Friends

Can you hide your Snapchat score from your friends? Till now, Snapchat has not introduced any privacy settings by which the Snapchat users can hide their snap score without removing or blocking someone from their friend list. Yes. You can consider it as a con of Snapchat.

So, if you have ever felt that someone is stalking you on the Snapchat app and seeing your snap score regularly. You have to remove or block the person.

There are two ways by which you can hide your snap score from the people you wish. Let’s find out what the methods are.

  1. Remove a Friend from Your List
  • Go to your Snapchat account.
  • Now, move to the list of your friends.
  • Choose the name of the person whom you want to hide your snap score from.
  • Choose Bitmoji of the person.
  • Go to Menu.
  • From the Menu option, choose to Remove Friend option.

You can use this same way for several people on Snapchat.

  1. Make Your Profile Private
  • Go to your Snapchat account.
  • Now, choose the Bitmoji that appears on the camera screen. In this way, you can go to the settings menu.
  • After that, find out the ‘Who Can’ section. Select ‘Contact Me’.
  • Finally, choose the ‘My Friends’ option.

This method allows the users to make their profiles private. Now, unknown people can’t see your snap score.

How To Hide Snap Score On Snapchat
How To Hide Snap Score On Snapchat

Hence, if you look for the answer to the question: can you hide your Snapchat score from someone, this is all you need to do.

Can You No Longer See Someone’s Snapchat Score?

Can’t view the snap score of your friends? Well, this is quite an annoying situation, I guess. You may also end up thinking: why can’t I see someone’s Snapchat score if we are friends?

You might be thinking your internet connection is slow, or there is something wrong with the Snapchat app. but the fact is if you can’t see someone’s snap score, he or she has removed you from his or her friend list.

Or, did you remove or block them from your friend list and you totally forgot? Snapchat never allows someone to see others’ snap scores if they are not friends with each other.

Don’t worry! There is a way to check if the person has removed you from his or her friend list. You just have to see their status under the username section in the chat list. If you witness that there is a message that shows ‘status is pending’, bad luck! The person has already removed you.

Is There A Way To Freeze Snap Scores?

If hiding snap scores on Snapchat is not allowed, many people may want to freeze their snap scores so that other people can’t understand their actual snap scores. So, can you freeze your snap score?

The answer is, no! You cannot freeze your snap score. You can’t hide it too without blocking or removing your friends from your friend list. Also, you can limit the persons who can see your snap score on the Snapchat app.

However, if there is a high server load or a glitch in the Snapchat app, your snap score can freeze automatically. You have to hold back for a few hours to see the actual snap score if such situations occur. Sometimes users of Snapchat have to visit the Twitter account of Snapchat support to resolve this issue.

Is It Possible To Hide The Snapchat Scores From Going Up?

Can you hide your Snapchat score from going up? It is something impossible to do just like freezing the snap score on your profile. Snapchat has not yet introduced such features. Making the profile private or removing people from the friend list are two options that you can try.


1.Can you make your snap score private on Snapchat?

Snap score is an amazing feature of Snapchat. This feature can be seen by anyone who is your friend on the Snapchat application. But, you can’t make your snap score private on Snapchat. Snapchat does not let its users hide the snap score or make the snap score private.

If you want to hide your snap score from someone who is on your Snapchat friend list, you have to block him or her or remove him or her as a friend. You can also make your profile private on the Snapchat app. that is another process by which you can hide your snap score.

2.Can you fake your snap score?

If you want to fake your snap score on the Snapchat app, you can do it by using a simple hack. You just have to add celebrities as your friend on Snapchat randomly. After that, you need to send them random snaps. This will make your snap score go higher very easily and very quickly. This is how you can fake your snap score on the Snapchat application.

3.Can you hide your Snapchat score from someone?

If someone wants to view your snap score, you and the person need to be friends with each other at first. Snapchat never allows strangers to see your snap score. However, till now, Snapchat has not introduced any privacy settings by which Snapchat users can hide their snap score without removing or blocking someone from their friend list.

Yes. You can consider it as a con of Snapchat. So, if you have ever felt that someone is stalking you on the Snapchat app and seeing your snap score regularly. You have to remove or block the person.

To Sum It Up

Many users want to make their snap score private because they do not want others to know about their activities on Snapchat. It is their choice of privacy on social media like Snapchat. Unluckily, Snapchat has not introduced the feature by which you can hide your snap score from others.

We can hope that the developers of this app will soon do something regarding this issue on public demand. However, you can limit persons on Snapchat who can see your story, access your location or contact you.

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