Complete Guide: How To Lock Unlock Apple Watch

How To Lock Unlock Apple Watch
How To Lock Unlock Apple Watch

If you are using Apple Watch for the first time  then probably locking and unlocking the watch must be a challenge for you.

But, getting familiar with the method only once will make it easy and quick.

And the cherry on the cake is, unlocking your Apple watch lock screen is as simple as unlocking your smartphone. Where you just have to enter the passcode manually.

Furthermore, if this looks hectic all the time then Apple provides a smart feature where you can set it to unlock automatically when your iPhone unlocks.

Having said that, this good read is going to bring up every lock that the Apple watch offers along with the ways of unlocking it. Moreover,  We guarantee you this guide will not let you step out with any question uncovered.

So, here’s a quick look on all edges we gonna touch-

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How We Can Set Apple Watch Lock Screen?
Different unlocking ways-  
Apple Watch Water Lock-
Final Words-

How We Can Set Apple Watch Lock Screen?

apple watch lock screen
How To Lock Unlock Apple Watch

It’s quite important to lock your Apple watch screen to avoid any accidental taps that might occur while you are doing physical work or most high chances during a workout.

To set a screen lock you can use the Apple lock Watch appWorkout” or simply through the Apple Watch app from your smartphone. Well, it’s easy through the Apple Watch, where you just have to swipe right, then tap press the “Lock” option.

After locking, it’s time to know about-

Different unlocking ways

We have normal unlocking ways and one for the water lock. We will discuss the Water Lock later in this article, first let go through the two Unlocking methods-

Unlock Manually

The simplest one- First, click on Wake Apple Watch and then proceed with entering the watch passcode. After this, press OK. Done! Your watch is now unlocked.

Auto Unlock

This feature will help you to unlock your Apple Watch every time you unlock your iPhone.

Here’s how you can do it-

  • First, open the Settings app on your Apple Watch.
  • After this, tap on the Passcode option.
  • Lastly, to unlock it with your iPhone simply select the “Unlock with iPhone” option.

Well, you can also set this auto-unlock feature using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. In the same manner, tap on Passcode and then turn on Unlock with iPhone mode.

Note- For this setting make sure your iPhone must be within 33 feet or we can say 10 meters as it’s the normal Bluetooth range. And of course, Bluetooth connection between the both is mandatory.

Many get confused about the Water Lock feature by the Apple Watch, are you among them? Don’t Worry! Here’s all that you need to know about-

Apple Watch Water Lock

You can enable this feature when you are all set to dive into the water. This lock will push barriers for accidental input by letting your watch be unresponsive to touches.

When you’re out of the water you simply have to turn the Digital Crown to clear the water content from your watch’s speaker. Here’s how to turn on and off Water Lock-

apple watch water lock
How To Lock Unlock Apple Watch

To Turn on Water Lock

  • First, long-press the bottom of your watch’s display, when the screen is on.
  • Now, you have to wait for a few seconds to get the Control Center displayed, after which you have to swipe it up.
  • From here select the “Water Lock” button from the top of the screen.

Note- Good bucks have been taken for some good features, one of which is auto water lock which begins when you start a water-based action like surfing or swimming.

The next comes the unlocking method-

Here’s how you can turn off Water Lock and then Eject Water-

Turn Digital Crown To Unlock

It’s the water unlocking method which is quite a simple method where you just have to turn the Digital Crown on the side of your Apple Watch. This should be done until a message displays saying “Unlocked.”

No matter which direction you turn it, the Digital Crown works by rotating in either direction. Turning the Digital Crown will switch back the display responsive on touches. Also, a series to tone will start in a row.

Note- Don’t get afraid of the series of tones. The watch plays these tones to clear any water left out in the speaker.

That’s all about the different locks and techniques to unlock it. Now, have a look at some common questions that users usually have regarding Apple Watch locks and unlocks- 


Do we have any Apple Watch auto lock feature?

There’s a reason why people pick this smartwatch over any other available in the competition, it’s because of the smart feature which the Watch offers. One of which is the auto-lock feature, where your Apple watch gets automatically locked when you are not wearing it.

Why does my Apple Watch keep on asking for a passcode?

It’s probably because you are not wearing it a bit tightly. In case you wore an Apple watch too loosely, the sensor may believe that you have removed it and will lock the screen automatically.

Is it possible to unlock my iPhone with my Apple Watch?

Yes, it is. You can unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch only when you are wearing the watch and the watch is not locked. The feature doesn’t require any Face ID recognition to complete the unlocking procedure. This unlock with Apple Watch will only work for iPhone and also when it’s nearby.

Is it possible to unlock someone else’s stolen Apple Watch?

Don’t worry! The device comes with smart AI technology that doesn’t allow anyone to access your data without entering the passcode. That means all of your important data and files will be safe even if your Apple Watch is lost.

How to turn Digital Crown to Unlock and Eject Water?

how to unlock an apple watch
how to unlock an apple watch

Just rotate the Digital Crown in either direction till a message “Unlocked” gets popped on the screen. The feature plays a series of tones to eject water from the water after you come out of the pool.

Final Words

Apple Watch comes with some amazing locking features and the best AI unlocks. We in our guide have listed almost everything about- How to lock Unlock Apple Watch Smart Locks.

The most surprising one is the Apple Watch Water Lock, which is probably very rare in any smartwatch. Do check out the page regularly for any add-up in the security lining.

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