How To See Who Liked Your Playlist On Spotify?

_How To See Who Liked Your Playlist On Spotify

Unfortunately, you can not see who liked your playlist on your Spotify account. In this case, you may know every playlist’s total number of likes.

You only have to choose Your Library and hit the profile icon. Then, you should tap on View Profile and Playlists thereafter. You will see the total likes count under every playlist name.

Spotify does not offer any process to drill into who liked your playlist. All you get is the total number of people who liked it. Unfortunately, this platform did not come with the feature back in 2013, but they got rid of it. 

Are There Any Hacks To See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist?

You will most likely be asked to wait until your Spotify profile gets a new follower. After that, you need to compare your previous playlist to check if the person who followed you currently also liked any of your playlists.

However, you should know that no method is there to prove the new follower was the one who liked the playlist. No one wants to spend the entire day counting their Spotify follower numbers. In this case, you should try to vote and comment on the feature request. 

How To See Who Liked My Playlist On Spotify Web

 How To See Who Liked Your Playlist On Spotify

Now, it is impossible to check out who liked your playlist on Spotify Web because this platform has not added the feature yet. It is possible to check the number of likes on the playlist.

Although you are not using your phone, it is still possible to use Spotify Web to check the number of likes. You need to follow these steps to see who liked your playlist on Spotify web.

How To Keep People From Following Spotify Playlist

No direct method exists to stop someone from following your Spotify playlist. However, it is possible to create your playlist privately. You should follow these steps to keep people from following Spotify Playlist. 

How To See The Number Of Likes/Followers Your Spotify Playlist Has

In this case, it is possible to see the number of likes or followers made by others. 

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Why Should I Know Who Liked My Playlist On Spotify?

_How To See Who Liked Your Playlist On Spotify

If you are a normal or a music producer, you might want to know the number of likes on your playlists and those liking them. A few people want to connect with other music enthusiasts with similar interests.

Although multiple people request to have the feature, Spotify does not come with any plans to add it soon. However, you can try to connect with people with similar musical tastes. It is a great way to enhance the interaction among users.

It is one of the strong reasons why people must have an option through which they can check out who liked their playlists.

How To See Who Liked My Playlist On Spotify Mobile

It is impossible to see who liked your playlist on Spotify mobile. But you may check the number of likes. These are the steps you should follow to check the number of likes on the phone.

Steps you need to follow for both Android and iOS devices are:-

  • First, move to the Spotify app to open it on your phone.
  • Hit the “Your Library” button on the display’s lower right corner. 
  • Then, a list containing the names of the playlists you have made appears. Now, you should choose your preferred playlist.
  • At last, you can see the number of likes under the playlist name.

How To Access The Followers List Of Your Spotify Account

It is possible to check the number of followers and who is following you. You should go through these steps to access the list of followers on your device. 

  • Open the app first. Then, you should hit the Settings icon in the display’s top right corner.
  • After that, you can see the profile name and display pictures. You should tap on it.
  • The next display will enable you to check out all your followers and the following list.

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How To Check Spotify Analytics

_How To See Who Liked Your Playlist On Spotify

Spotify Wrapped is one of the features which comes with the analytics of your activity throughout the year. But people can access it only for a period per year. 

Whether you didn’t use this feature, it is no longer available on your app. You can follow other ways to keep a tab on your activity and see the detailed stats.

The application can be used to see the detailed analytics of your Spotify activity. Android and iOS users can use the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Will Spotify ever add the ability to see who liked your playlist?

A feature request was made through which you got to know who liked your playlist on Spotify in 2013.

It has been a whole decade now, and users of this platform have been voting continuously. They still have been commenting on that request within the Spotify Community forums which ask the platform to make it real. 

More than 22,000 users have voted, requesting this feature to have. In addition, 1,700 comments are available.

However, people don’t know why Spotify doesn’t want to add the feature to view who liked/followed your playlist. You can ensure that it has no intentions now of adding the feature. If you want, add your vote to the feature request. 

2. When Will Spotify Add The Feature to See Who Liked My Playlist?

It does not have any direct feature via which you get to know who has liked your playlists. But it is possible to see the number of likes every playlist of your account has. 

3. How to see who follows your Spotify account

If you want to see who follows you on Spotify, your first task is opening the application. Therefore, your job is to choose Your Library at the display’s bottom.

You can see a list containing your recently played songs and artists. After that, you will see the profile icon and name at the display top. You should tap on it. 

You can see your name at the top, and it will ask “View Profile” underneath. Choose View Profile. An option “Profile” appears on the desktop.

You can see all the playlists, followers, and others you follow. Whether you tap on Followers, you can see a complete list containing all followers.

At last, scroll down to see the names of the people. 

4. How do I see a hidden playlist on Spotify?

Generally, all playlists are available in Your Library. You will see both public and private Playlists. Then, you need to tap on the Unhide button.

After that, you should exit the playlist. Next, you should open it again to check if the song is already unhidden.

5. Can you tell if someone downloads your Spotify playlist?

Although you download a playlist of others, they won’t know that you have done it. 

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