How To Spoiler An Image On Discord Mobile

How To Spoiler An Image On Discord Mobile : You can mark a picture as a spoiler via the Discord application just like you do from your

Sending pictures and papers on the Discord applications is easier, meaning you can share images or files immediately from your mobile. But, you might not want the picture to be shown by default in a thread or message since it could include spoilers or other delicate information.

Well, you can mark a picture as a spoiler via the Discord application just like you do from your PC.

What Is A Spoiler Image?

The makers of Discord know numerous and can be shared on conveying that might accidentally offend someone. A countless amount of messages are sent in Discord by the second, as well as everyone included in hat server can observe them.

To battle the harmful effects of spoilers, they added a trait called spoiler tags. These allow users to conceal their given content afterward a shadow.

If others want to check, what you have shared, they have to hit the shadow to check the content.

Discord – How To Spoiler An Image

The concept lets you make creative messages with emojis, gifs, as well as pictures. However, some folk doesn’t know how they can utilize Markdown-making traits to gain more amazing effects.

How To Spoiler An Image On Discord Mobile

Using keyboard orders on your computer or mobile gadget can alter the way you publish the content.

The handy train opens users to apply all sorts of creating to messages, involving bold, italics, code creating, as well as spoiler tags.

Spoiler tags alert others that you are even to serve knowledge about the things that are not accepted by people. From the time, you added the tag, another user will only see a grey or black box over the content.

1. Using Markdown

Apple users have even two ways to add the Spoiler Tags. The other way to add spoiler tags to your messages is using markdown codes. We like this option because your fingers never leave the keyboard.

  1. Type two vertical bars before you text (the Shift +back+ slash key)
  2. Type your text (there’s no requirement to add a space between the bars and the write-up)
  3. Type two bars after the end of your write-up.
  4. Push Enter Key on your keyboard to send the message with a spoiler tag.

Such bars will safeguard your message hidden within a spoiler tag and need people to show their knowledge.

The words between the bars will be wrapped by a grey box known as a spoiler tag. Other users cannot look at the content after the tag until they click it. Even people can keep it secret by abstaining from hitting on the spoiler phrase.

If the image or video clip is not even ready to show others then it can be possible.

2. Disable Spoiler Tags

Users and admins can have the ability to control spoilers. Apart from Heading to the server, even if you want to moderate, we will head to your user setting to get the tag menu.

  1. Open Discord and tap the cog of settings.
  2. Click the Text & Images on the menu left side.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of this page to show the spoiler tag options.
  4. Select one of three options.
  5. On Click, On servers, I moderate,

It is simple to disappear spoiler tags if they are annoys you. Also, be ready to see for what you are not ready.

How To Send Spoiler Images On Discord Mobile

The initial thing you require to do is press the + sign on the left side of the message box. It opens numerous options for your message. You can select an image to send and it will be attached to the message.

How To Spoiler An Image On Discord Mobile

Press the photo attached to your message to carry up another window, that is where you will search the check box to point as a spoiler. Automatically, this will make indistinct the picture as well as need others to hit it to check the real picture.

You can impart numerous pictures at once as well as mark them personally as spoilers if required. Remember this option one more time you are giving a message with spoilers to evade others from looking at sensitive knowledge or content instantly.

How To Turn Off The Spoiler Tags On Discord?


1. Text: To add a spoiler tag over the text, put II at the starting as well as the end of your message. On the flip side, note down the message and then highlight it.

How To Spoiler An Image On Discord Mobile

Hit the spoiler tag button that seems to an eye into a box. After you hit that spoiler tag the tax will directly be marked with a spoiler tag.

2. Images, links, And Videos: Share your image, link, or video into the message meadow on Discord. You must perform this by uploading your image from your PC or even copying and paste from the internet.

There are three buttons up the image: the eye-shape Spoiler attachment, the pen-shaped Modify attachment, as well as the waste can-shaped remove attachment. Click the Spoiler attachment to mark your content as a spoiler.


1. Text: To spoiler text on mobile, place II at the starting. And also at the end of your message. At the time of sending, your text will not be inspected unless the viewing party presses on your comment.

2. Images, links, and videos: Hit the + button in the bottom left corner to open your gallery. From the gallery, search your image, then select. Afterward, a small checkmark will look above the image.

Do not press the paper airplane button when you select the image from the gallery. Instead, tap the darkened area above the gallery after selecting your picture. You must see your picture look in a bar above the area you search.

Hit it. Afterward, tapping your image will display a pop-up with a checkbox that says Mark as a spoiler.

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1. How do I add a picture to my Discord profile?

Click the gear icon to access “User Settings” and then click the tab “edit User profile”.
The next step is you have to go to the change Avatar button.

Afterward, change the profile picture on the bottom, and the left will open your user settings. Tap to either your profile image or on User Profile.

2. How to moderate a Discord server with spoilers?

You can remark the word spoilers on mobile utilizing the same syntax as on desktop. Wrap your words in bars <just like this>. Also, it will look like spoilers when you post it.

This works for implanted links also. If you want to create a link into a spoiler and you have to wrap your link in bars.

3. What Is Discord And How Does It Work?

Discord lets pals convey directly through voice, video, or text, as well as join servers where a huge population can have contact together.

Gaming is totally Discord’s knowledge, at one point the service even gave free away computer games to paid subscribers before getting it could not beat Steam.

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