Easiest Ways To Spy On Devices Connected To My Wifi

How To Spy On Devices Connected To My Wifi

Are you willing to know which devices are connected to your WiFi network? You can use an app to spy on devices connected to your WiFi. Use your IP Webcam and your Android phone to do so. In addition, you can track devices without accessing them physically. 

What Data Can You Get On Devices Connected To Your WiFi?

Each router monitors all websites visited by the connected devices. But the WiFi owner can only view who visited which websites. Therefore, when someone has connected his device to your WiFi, you can access his browsing history. 

But whether the website uses the HTTPS protocol, you can only see that they visited it. There are other things which you can discover. 

  • The URLs of the websites
  • The URLs of the certain web pages
  • The time they spend on every site
  • When they first connected to the WiFi
  • The time they were online

If you wish, you can see the message, call, and app logs with information related to browsing history. 

Software To Spy On Devices Connected To Wi-Fi

How to spy on devices connected to my WiFi? You may use specific software to spy on devices connected to your WiFi. These are a few tools used to spy on devices connected to your WiFi.

1. WireShark

2. OpenDNS

3. Advanced IP Scanner

4. Glasswire

5. Fing

Device Information From Your Computer

When you see this information, you will know which devices connect to your WiFi network. Therefore, if someone uses your WiFi without permission, you can find out easily. If you want to find it out, head toward the command prompt and open it. Then, you should write ipconfig /all. You may see a list containing names of devices connected to your network. 

You can know about the amount of data consumed by others by viewing the Connection-specific DNS Suffix column. Suppose, a device has used over 50% of your bandwidth. It indicates that someone might be stealing your WiFi. 

1. A router with built-in VPN: If you want to secure yourself from hackers and online scammers, you should use a router with default VPNs. It can encrypt any network traffic which can pass through it. As a result, outside people can’t view or modify this. 

2. A router with WiFi protection: It is another feature you should consider while buying. A few routers come with integrated WiFi chipsets. Besides, you can use these chipsets as wireless repeaters to increase your current network’s range. In addition, you can access the hard-to-reach spots in your home. 

3. Preventing people from signing into social media accounts: Routers prevent others from signing into your social network accounts.

Device Information From Your Phone

How To Spy On Devices Connected To My Wifi

How to spy on devices connected to my WiFi? Do you want to view the devices connected to the home WiFi network? Several methods exist, following which you can do so. 

  • You can sign into the router’s web interface. Thereafter, you should check the list containing the names of the connected devices.
  • You can use a mobile or tablet app such as Fing or Network Analyzer.
  • Another way is visiting Wigle, which can display all public wireless networks in your area. You can know the number of devices plugged into each one.
  • Use Wireless Channels, a dedicated app, as the fourth option. It can showcase each device plugged into the WiFi signal. Thereafter, you should choose a device from the list. Next, see details about its connection like IP address, MAC address, hostname, vendor name, operating system name, and version number. 

Besides, you may know some helpful information about someone who is spying on you without taking permission. 

Preventing Unauthorized Device Access

How To access other devices connected to my WiFi? Several ways exist to prevent unauthorized device access to your home or office WiFi network. 

  • You can set up a password for the network. Thus, devices that know the password can be connected only. 
  • Besides, you may use MAC address filtering. It indicates that devices with specific MAC addresses approved by you can connect to the network. 
  • You can use router features like WPA2-PSK encryption to encrypt all data sent over your network. Hence, ensure that the router has enabled two-step verification. As the feature always turns on, someone can try logging in from an unknown device. However, a code is required from the user and Google’s Authenticator app. 
  • If someone has hacked you, you should delete sensitive information stored on the pc to reduce the damage. Ensure that hackers can’t access passwords. Otherwise, they would get more control over your device. 
  • You must delete images or posts related to sensitive information for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. Then, change all the account passwords. Ensure that you should track closely for suspicious activity.

How To Limit Devices Connected To My Wi-F

There could be many reasons why you want to limit user activity so that no one can spy on WiFi users

  • Suppose you are concerned about bandwidth usage or want specific content not to be accessed. Two types of approaches are there that you may take. 
  • You can take the help of a third-party router with parental controls built-in. Remember that it will be perfect if you wish to limit what people can do on your network. It is possible to block specific websites, limit internet time, and set other restrictions.
  • In addition, you may use software to limit WiFi activity. It is possible to find software that lets you give complete control of any device connected to the WiFi network.

Can Someone Using My Wifi See My History

How To Spy On Devices Connected To My Wifi

If you are a beginner, ensure that you have protected your router with the password. 

It is possible to encrypt your traffic with a VPN. But it can be more challenging for someone who wants to track your connection and see what you are doing. Suppose, an intruder has broken into your house to take over the wireless network. In that case, you should change all passwords. 

In addition, you should ensure that your wireless network is not broadcasting in plain text. It can permit a user to access the network within range. Whether you use WPA2 encryption, a hacker must know the password’s exact details before connecting to the network. 

As soon as you set up the security measures, you must be careful about what you find online. In addition, it is essential to be aware of what you download onto your phone while not connected to WiFi. People who are nearby can capture the information with the help of surveillance tools. 


1. Can I see the history of devices connected to my WiFi?

Although devices are connected to the home router, you can not directly access someone’s search history. It is possible to configure the router to save browsing history. You should put the internet portal address into your browser to see all the network’s history.

2. Can You Spy On Someone Through Wifi?

You can spy on someone via their WiFi connection. Whether you wish to discover if someone can spy on the network activity, your first task is changing all the passwords. If someone has access, they can get information about how to check email, search Google, etc.

If someone can access an account with administrative privileges, they can see more information about your activity. It is why you should change your password. 

3. Can A Router Be Used To Spy On You?

Someone can spy through a WiFi router on you if it is not correctly linked. Whether you have a wireless router, people within range can connect to your network if your network’s SSID is known to them. People can see the devices linked with the network as soon as other devices are linked. If you want to prevent someone from spying, ensure that you should encrypt your wireless network and change the SSID. 

4. Can You See What Others Are Doing On Your Wifi?

Yes, viewing what others are doing on your WiFi is possible. 

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