How Will You Be Able To Turn Off Friend Suggestions On Facebook?

how to turn off friend suggestions on facebook
how to turn off friend suggestions on facebook

Hello there! There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the largest and most trending social platforms in the world in recent days. Facebook has its own millions of users, several amazing and unique features as well.

Friend Suggestions in Facebook is one of those unique features. We can meet so many people online, chat and spend time with them virtually, even if we are not familiar with them personally with the help of this feature. Also, with this cool feature, we can contact those people whom we have recently met and shared the same location.

But, there are some people who actually do not want to have friend suggestions on their Facebook applications. So, if you are one of those persons, you should know how to turn off friend suggestions on Facebook, so that it will not bother you anymore.

how to turn off friend suggestions on facebook
how to turn off friend suggestions on facebook

if you are going through this article, you might have arrived at the right track. This article will lead you to know how to stop friend suggestion notifications on the Facebook app.

Let’s begin.

Ways To Disable Friend Suggestions On Facebook Application- Simple And Quick Guide

Some people do not like to receive multiple friend suggestions in a single day, and you know, Facebook always keeps doing that. You can stop Facebook friend suggestion notifications. Actually, a lot of Facebook users keep asking every day the same question: how to stop friend suggestion notifications on the Facebook app?

No worries. You just need to go along with some simple guides.

Here is how to turn off friend suggestions on Facebook on PC.

Solution 1: Disable the Notification on Desktop

  1. On your PC, go to ‘Settings’ and move to the ‘Notification’ option.
  2. Now you need to find out ‘People you may know’ and turn it off.
  3. It will turn off then.

That is how to turn off people you may know on Facebook.

Solution 2: Prevent Facebook from Contact Uploading Automatically

Do you know that Facebook is even able to access the contact list of your phone? If you install the Facebook application on your phone and turn on the contact uploading automatically, Facebook may send you Friend suggestions from your contact.

But how to stop Facebook from suggesting friends from my contacts? Here is the process.

  1. Open your Facebook Application and then open ‘Settings’.
  2. Search for the option ‘Media and Contacts’.
  3. Here, you will see an option ‘Continuous Contact upload’.
  4. You have to disable it.
how to turn off suggested posts on facebook
how to turn off suggested posts on facebook

Solution 3: Do not Allow Facebook from Accessing Your Location

Facebook has the ability to know your location. You need to disable that facility.

  1. Move to the App Info of Facebook which you find in the ‘Settings’ of the Facebook app.
  2. Now, go to app permission and turn off the location.

Solution 4: Update the Privacy Settings

  1. Go to the left panel and open Privacy settings.
  2. Update the privacy to ‘Friends to Friends’.

I hope these 4 solutions will surely work for you. Also, sometimes you intentionally, or unintentionally remove someone from suggested friends. This is what happens when you remove someone from ‘suggested friends.

  1. The person will not be able to see you on ‘Suggested friends’.
  2. Also, your friends or the friends of your friends will not be able to find out your profile when they search by typing your name in the search engine box.

Want To Hide From Suggested Friends? – Try Out The Steps

You might be one of those persons who likes privacy more than friends, even on social media like Facebook. You might not want to appear before your online friends.

Therefore, here is how to not appear on suggested friends’ Facebook only for you.

  1. You need to sign in to the Facebook account and go to the drop down menu.
  2. Now, click on ‘Settings and Privacy’ from there.
  3. Look for the option ‘How people can contact you’.
  4. Disable that option and make changes in the settings.

Disabling The Suggested For You Posts

How to get rid of suggested posts on Facebook? This is another frequently asked question by Facebook users. When you disable the suggested you posts, you will be able to the posts again.

Here is how to turn off suggested posts on Facebook.

how to turn off people you may know on facebook
how to turn off people you may know on facebook
  1. You need to tap or click top right of the Facebook app.
  2. Now go to ‘Pages’.
  3. Open your page and choose ‘More’.
  4. In the settings choose ‘General’.
  5. Look for similar page suggestions and disable it by tapping off.

Facebook: ‘People You May Know’ Stalking- How to Know It

Well, till now, there is no exact way to know if someone is stalking you on Facebook or not. But, I can suggest that, if you keep seeing someone’s post whom you are not friended with on Facebook, or if you don’t know the person, it might happen that the person has visited your Facebook Profile quite a time.

You can block them, or take any necessary steps if you feel so.


1.How do I get Facebook to stop suggesting friends?

Go along with these guides below.

  • Open ‘Settings’ from your Facebook Account.
  • On the left of the mobile screen, choose ‘Notification’ button.
  • In here, you can manage and adjust the notifications that you are willing to stop.
  • Move towards the option “People you may know”.
  • Turn the option off.

2.How do I turn off friend suggestions?

Follow these steps to turn off the friend suggestion.

  • Open Facebook and move to the “Notification” in the ‘Settings’.
  • Then, you have to look for “People you may know option” and select it.
  • Here you will find a button to disable the option.

3.Why do I keep getting friend suggestions on Facebook?

how to get rid of suggested posts on facebook
how to get rid of suggested posts on facebook

Facebook keeps sending you Friend Suggestion because you may not turn off the Friend Suggestion option, which is in the Settings of Facebook. If your device’s location is turned on, Facebook can have access to your location. Therefore, if someone’s location is matched with your location, Facebook will send you the Friend suggestion.

On the other hand, you may get too many friend suggestions because you have so many friends on Facebook. You and your friend have a lot of common friends. So Facebook can send you friend suggestions if there is any mutual friend.

4.Can you turn off suggested friends?

If you are a user of Windows 10 or MAC, you will be able to disable the suggested friend option from the account settings of Facebook. You have to turn off the option ‘Allow Notifications on Facebook’.

To Sum It Up

No doubt, one of the cool and amazing features of Facebook is the Friend Suggestions. By using this feature, you can meet with several people online and spend time with them. But, if it bothers you, or you find it unnecessary for yourself, you can disable friend suggestions on Facebook.

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