Stepwise Instructions How To Update Spotify Payments

How To Update Spotify Payments
How To Update Spotify Payments

People must possess the basic concept of Spotify before analyzing How To Update Spotify Payments. Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service consisting of 381 million users with 172 million paying subscribers.

It is very important to know how to update spotify payments as updating payments offers a wide variety of subscription plans for the users. It occasionally updates the prices to keep pace with the local macroeconomic factors and also to compete with the parallel services. Spotify premium provides scope to download up to 10,000 songs.

Ways To Change Spotify Payment Method

When people think about how to change payment methods on Spotify, they must consider the following aspects.

spotify update payment info
Spotify update payment info
  • Users need to visit and then log in to their own account. It requires information like verified email address, spotify account name and gender. Then to solve a captcha.
  • To click on the user name on top.
  • A list will be displayed containing settings, Account and logout options.
  • To select “Account” from the list.
  • To scroll down to the option “Your Plan”.
  • To click on “Update” button under your payment.
  • A page opens where users can made necessary changes.
  • In the page “Change Payment Details” users can change card number and need to provide expiry date, postal pin code, security code.
  • After changing users must click on “Change Payment Details” appears in green at the bottom.
  • After clicking all the details will be saved and from next time all transactions will take place from the new details.

Tips To Get Information Regarding Spotify Payment Update

If users want to know spotify update payment info should follow several steps.

  • To open
  • Login to the account.
  • To open profile settings.
  • To click on “subscription” tab from the left.
  • Users can able to see all the current payment details of them.
  • To choose the option “Update Payment Information” and to open it.
  • To choose the current payment method that users want to use.
  • To fill in all the details.
  • To confirm new payment.

Methods To Change Spotify Subscription

If users have doubts regarding how to change your spotify subscription, they must focus on the instructions below as users can easily change Spotify subscriptions at any time as per their needs and budget.

  • To open
  • Login to users’ own account.
  • To open the profile.
  • Users can able to see their current subscription plan and its associated details.
  • To find the option in order to change their plan.
  • To choose new preferred plan.
  • To approve the change of subscription plan.

Procedure To Upgrade To Spotify Premium

Users when ask about how do I upgrade to spotify premium on the app, should be aware of several essential points.

  • To open spotify premium page directly users need to type in the web browser.
  • To click on “Start Free Trial” that appears as green button in the middle.
  • To select “payment” option from the dropdown list.
  • The payment option varies with region but users can easily pay with debit or credit card and PayPal.
  • Users have to enter all payment informations like card number, expiry date, security code and Zip code correctly.
  • To click on “Start My Spotify Premium” to begin Premium.

Spotify Payment Method For Globe

spotify update payment info
spotify update payment info

When people are eager to know spotify payment methods Philippines, they should the global Spotify payment method as it is applicable for the Philippines as well.

  • To download spotify and to register for an account.
  • To go to premium and then to select appropriate plan.
  • To click on “Get Premium”.
  • To select “Globe” and to enter the correct place and PIN.
  • To receive verification code via SMS.
  • To enter the verified PIN code in the spotify premium page.
  • To click on “continue”.
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Possibility To Change Address On Spotify

If users create their Spotify account using Facebook then they can’t change spotify email. The registered email address can only be changed through Facebook settings.

If the account’s email is not linked with any other app it can easily be changed. They should know the process how to change address on spotify.

Login to the users account page>>Clicking “edit profile”>>Under email users need to enter new email address>>To confirm the passwords>>To click on “save profile”.

Benefits Of Artists From Spotify

To know about spotify payment to artists, it is to be noted that Spotify does not pay artists directly rather it pays the right-holders. The amount of the artists depend on the agreement with the rights-holder. After tallying the number of streams artists are paid accordingly. Artists get $0.004 on average per stream, $4 per 1000 streams, and $4000 per million streams.

Spotify Payment Issues

People need to follow certain steps regarding spotify change plan.

  • To visit Spotify’s Account Page and to sign in to the account.
  • To click on “Account Overview” tab.
  • To click on “change plan” button from “Your plan” section.
  • To browse the available plans.

If users face problems with spotify payment failed issues, must follow the steps.

  • People must have sufficient funds and the spotify account should be registered with the proper country code.
  • The card should not be expired.
  • All informations should match with the details entered at the time of signing in.
  • To try the payment using private/incognito window.
  • To check the network connectivity.

Users in order to change spotify payment date, must abide by certain rules.

To cancel current billing cycle>>To wait till the account reverts back to “Free”>>To re-subscribe to “Premium”>>Choosing the new day for payment>>Now, users can able to pay on the changed day of each month.

Process To Pay For Spotify Without Credit Cards

Spotify change plan
Spotify change plan

For users who want to know how to pay for spotify without credit cards, for them, there are other ways to pay.

  • Spotify provides gift cards that can be used for paying premium payments.
  • Payment with PayPal. At the time of signing in to the spotify users can link their account with PayPal.
  • It can be paid with mobile carrier as spotify itself associates with mobile carrier.


1.How Do Users Update Their Spotify Payments On Their Phone?

Spotify payment cannot be updated from mobile. Users need to open browsers on their phone and then type>>Spotify profile>>Finding plan details>>Changing the payment mode.

2.Why Can’t Users Update Their Spotify Payments?

If users can’t update Spotify payments must clear the cookies and cache from the browser. Users need to update the payment details from incognito mode.

3.How Do Users Make Their Spotify Payment Again?

Login to the account from>>Selecting subscription>>Clicking “updates”>>Entering payment details>>To confirm.

4.How Do Users Update Their Payment?

As the user’s monthly subscription gets over, they need to visit payment details from Spotify profile and again need to enter proper payment info. Users finally confirm the payment.

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