Best Tips Regarding How To Watch Unavailable Youtube Videos

How To Watch Unavailable Youtube Videos
How To Watch Unavailable Youtube Videos

Users must know how to watch unavailable YouTube videos as they come across the common error of “YouTube video not available” at the time of playing any YouTube videos. The particular video can either be deleted, or blocked, or not available in a particular country, or maybe due to internal server problems.

People should be aware of the methods of how to watch unavailable YouTube videos as some videos on YouTube are obstructed on several grounds like geographical regions, lack of permission to view the current content. The videos are not available due to local law and enforcement of copyright claims if it possesses mature, offensive, and violent matters.

Factors Why YouTube Video Is Not Available

People often face the problem of YouTube videos not being available issues. Users come across the trouble of this video is not available because of the following reasons.

  1. Problems Due to Platform and Country Restrictions- Several YouTube videos are prohibited on the basis of some particular platforms and geographical regions. This completely depends on the decision of the content’s original owner. So the users of any country cannot be able to watch any YouTube videos as per their wish.
    Sometimes, the videos are made unavailable to prevent it from playing in other platforms apart from desktop browsers. The copyright owner has the full right to block or delete any videos keeping in mind the instructions of the local laws.
  1. Restrictions Due to Video Privacy Settings- Each and every YouTube videos possess privacy settings and some set of rules regarding which category of people can watch any definite video. So, if any videos are unavailable to the users, it indicates that they are not logged in to the YouTube with appropriate legal account. Users cannot access the videos without checking the status of the original uploader.
this video is not available
this video is not available
  1. Problems Due to Other Error Messages- Problems reading video unavailability may be due to the clips that are deleted or not uploaded yet. It mainly happens if there is poor internet connectivity or unstable network. People can easily use in order to check the desired network speed.
  1. Problems Due to YouTube Quality Settings- Users sometimes can’t watch YouTube videos in High-definition quality due to poor connectivity. YouTube loads video based on “Auto” settings.
  1. Problems Due to Cache Settings- YouTube sometimes face problem in loading and playing videos because of disrupted and corrupted settings and too much web history. As the websites consume large amount of cookies and cached data, it take long time to load videos.
  1. Problems Due to Security Settings- In some cases pop-up blocking, firewall and anti-virus settings hinders YouTube to load videos. The root cause of the problem lies with the network settings of Flash media.

Common Errors Of Youtube Videos

There are some common errors of YouTube videos like-

  • This video is unavailable.
  • An error occurred- please try again later.
  • This video is not available in your country.

These are the common errors that create trouble in loading video and users can see YouTube error face that appears on the screen. If people face the problem of something is wrong with the video file issues, must perform the following activities.

  1. Users need to pause the video and must change the resolution (360p, 480p, 720p) of the video as per requirement of YouTube player.
  2. To reset the router or other network connections.
  3. To clear cookies, cache and web history.
  4. To disconnect in the HTTPS and to restart in other browser profile.
  5. To download YouTube videos from MiniTool uTube Downloader.

Tips To Fix Youtube Video Not Available In The Country Issues

Users often come across the major problem of YouTube video not available in your country. They must focus on the various tips to get rid of the problem.

How To Watch Unavailable Youtube Videos
How To Watch Unavailable Youtube Videos
  • Users should use free VPN in order to bypass YouTube’s country restrictions. To get rid from geo-restriction error messages users can use VPN services. VPN is a secure service that acts as a mediator between and the device. Here, users can able to watch any video without facing “not available in your country” issue. VPN provides different IPs of the device to the video streaming sites and therefore it provides access to any video without restrictions.
  • Users must visit EachNow as it is a substitute of The site possesses all YouTube videos without countries’ restrictions. Users need to enter the similar video title on the search bar of EachNow.
  • Users must add “SS” with the URL of YouTube video for watching the video. It will appear like It will redirect the page to site from where users can download unavailable YouTube videos in formats like 720p, 480p, 360p, mp3.
  • Users must use services of Hola Free VPN. They must use other extensions like Hola, Zenmate to fix the YouTube video not available in your country issue and Hola is free to use.
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Methods To Watch Unavailable Youtube Videos

When users want to know how to watch unavailable YouTube videos, must follow several effective solutions.

  1. Users Need to Check the Network-Sometimes the error message of “video is not available at the moment” due to poor connectivity. Users must reset the router and check connections settings. If necessary they can request professionals to help them.
  1. Users Have to Restart YouTube, Device and Browsers-In YouTube “video is not available” error message appears due to temporary glitches. It is very important to refresh the page. Then people can restart the YouTube, devices and the browsers to solve the issue temporarily.
  1. To Enable Flash and JavaScript-Whenever the flash and JavaScript is not activated users come across the error message of video is not available.

Browser Settings>>To Enable it>>Visiting Adobe Flash Website>>Upgrading to the latest version>>To watch YouTube video again.

  1. To Disable Hardware Acceleration-Error in uploaded YouTube video not available depends on the hardware acceleration issues. This feature utilise the GPU of the computer to activate videos and also cause too much problems. So, it is better to deactivate it.

Google chrome->Menu Icon->Settings->Scrolling to the bottom->Clicking on “Advanced”->To navigate to the “System”->To uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available” option->Restarting Google chrome.

  1. To Clear Cache and Cookies-In many cases corrupted cache creates the problem of “video is not available” on YouTube.

Google chrome>Menu Icon>Settings>Advanced>Clicking on “clear browsing data”>To set time range to “All Time”>To check the 3 options: “Browsing History”, “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files”>Clicking the “clear data” button.

  1. To Check the Extensions of Chrome-Some extensions cause too much problem in loading videos.

Menu icon>>More Tools>>Extensions>>List of installed extensions appears>>To deactivate an extension, clicking the switch next to it.

  1. To Check the Internet Speed-In order to watch videos fluently, the internet speed must be 500+kbps. For HD videos, it requires speed of 7mbps. Proper tool is used to verify the speed and therefore improve the desired speed.
something is wrong with the video file
something is wrong with the video file

Various Techniques To Watch Unavailable Youtube Videos On Pc

People are eager to know the techniques regarding how to watch unavailable YouTube videos on PC, should abide by the few necessary steps.

  • At first refreshing the YouTube page and then to play the video again.
  • To adjust the video quality from the “gear icon” at the bottom of the video. It is preferable to choose smallest number.
  • To update the YouTube to the latest and updated version.
  • Users should open “private browsing session” when they face problem with plugin. Google account.
  • Users need to restart the computer allowing all operating system to install the updates if available.

Possibility To Watch Unavailable Youtube Videos Without Vpn

There are other two effective ways regarding how to watch unavailable YouTube videos without VPN.

  1. Proxy-A web proxy acts as a connector between users and internet. ProxFree allows users to watch country restricted videos and provides additional settings. Proxy easily modifies the hidden IP address with other country IP and therefore removes all censorships and geo-restrictions.
  1. SmartDNS-It enables to redirect the location through various servers. SmartDNS provides speedy connections and can change the IP address to remove restrictions from private companies only.


1.How Do Users Delete Unavailable Videos On YouTube To Watch Later?

YouTube unavailable videos are hidden and in order to delete them, users should follow certain steps.

YouTube studio app>Tapping “Content”>Selecting the video users to want to delete>Tapping “Edit”>Tapping the “Playlist”>Unchecking the box beside the playlist name>Tapping “Done”>Save.

2.How Can Users Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Worldwide?

Users can watch blocked videos worldwide after utilizing several methods like-

Using VPN or Proxy server to access videos of various locations, downloading the video through downloader software, editing video link replacing “watch?v=” to “/v/” then “Enter” and to use HookTube.

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