6 Best Steps For How to Fix iCloud Photo Link Not Working

6 Best Steps For How to Fix iCloud Photo Link Not Working
6 Best Steps For How to Fix iCloud Photo Link Not Working

iCloud Photo links are undoubtedly the best way to share a number of photos at once then sending them one by one.

Not only from the sender’s side but even at the receiver end, accessing those photos is much more convenient rather than downloading the large images to their devices. This will save storage as well as time.

But sometimes a WHOLE LOT simple task gets more tedious and the link you shared is not working and shows- “iCloud link waiting for photos” or sometimes “shared album not working.” If you are facing any of this issue, then and searching the ways on How to Fix iCloud Photo Link Not Working, go over the steps shared in this good read.

After analyzing different community forums and going through self-verification, we are now standing out with some best methods to iCloud not working link fixed.

So, Let’s dive right in.

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6 Proven Methods To Fix Link Not Working Issue-
Frequently Asked Queries
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6 Proven Methods To Fix iCloud Photo Link Not Working Issue

Methods To Fix iCloud Photo Link Not Working Issue
Methods To Fix iCloud Photo Link Not Working Issue

Check For Version and Permissions-

If you confused about why iCloud link not working, then the very first thing you should look for whether you are using an iOS 12 version or not.

The company officially confirmed that the iCloud link will only be available in the latest iOS 12 version, not in any of its older ones, and sadly not even at the receiver’s end.

To Check- You can easily check your iPhone or iPad version for iOS 12 by moving into your device Settings and selecting the general option.

After taping you will notice many options listed, from there select the “About” option that will pop up the device Software Version.

If you found your device iOS version is 12, then next it’s time to check whether iCloud Photo and Shared Albums options are enabled or not.

This is how you can do it-

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to check for Photos, and then choose it.
  3. Next, make sure that your iCloud Photos and Shared Albums are enabled.

Check iCloud Photo Link’s Expiration Date-

If your shared link has no issues with our side and the receiver finds some error loading photo iPhone then probably the link is expired.

The link remains active for 30 days from the date it has been sent. So, after 30 days the receiver will not be able to access any of the photos and will get a message – “Failed To Retrieve.

Just send him the link again and the issue is fixed.

Low Power Mode Could Be The Cause

You clicked on the iCloud Photo link or an iCloud Video link and suddenly get stuck on the loading page with an endless – “iCloud link waiting” or sometimes- “iCloud link waiting for video” message.

Well, the problem might be because of three things and the cause to these are also three-


  • Network Error.
  • Slow internet.
  • Low Power Mode of your device.

The first two cause must be clear as this occurs when there’s a poor or network connection. But the third one occurs when your device is on low battery and turns on the Low Power mode.

Thus, any type of Downloading or loading gets stuck, which means you have to charge your device first and then should try accessing the link or ask for a fresh iCloud Photo link.

Check if Your Wi-Fi/ Cellular Network Is Not The Cause

If you are getting a message like the “Network unavailable, unable to share photos on iPhone” error that simply means the issue is in the cellular or WiFi connection.

Make sure you have a good internet connection and recheck for connectivity if the link access fails.

Check if Your Wi-Fi Cellular Network Is Not The Cause
Check if Your Wi-Fi Cellular Network Is Not The Cause

It Could be Apple

Probability is less, but changes are still there that Apple themselves having any error on their server-side.

If the above three methods didn’t fix your issue then probably Apple is experiencing an issue. You can easily check for this Apple Downtime by moving into Apple’s System Status page.

Reset Your Network Settings To Default

It’s a proven method where you gave to reset your device’s Network Settings to get this iCloud Photo link not working issue fixed. As resetting patches almost all network related bugs.

Yes, these bugs can easily affect your Network Settings which eventually impact sending or receiving iCloud Photo links.

Here’s how you can reset it-

  • First, you have to move into your Settings and then select the General option.
  • After this, you will see a set of options from where you have to tap on the “Reset.”
  • Lastly, it will show all Reset choices, select the Reset Network Settings, and done.

And ta-da! Now your Network Settings is successfully reset to its default. Connect it with the WiFi network and access the iCloud Photo link again.

That’s All! We know about the best methods to fix the iCloud Photo link not working issue. Now, have a look at some most commonly asked-


Why there’s an error loading photo iPhone?

If you are facing issues while sharing your photos through an iCloud Photo link then probably it’s because of many reasons like-

  • Network connection
  • Outdated version
  • Low Powered mode
  • Server downlink

And more than we have discussed above.

Why there was an error downloading this photo?

Why there was an error downloading this photo
Why there was an error downloading this photo

If you are getting a message something like this then probably your internet connection is having some bugs. Resetting the network connection will help you out and the steps we have already discussed.

How to get iCloud link photos to load?

For this first, move into your Settings and then select the “iCloud.” There you will notice a “Photos” option, tap it and then select the “Download and Keep Originals” to get it on your device.

Why do the shared iCloud links take longer to load?

Many are there but majorly when your device battery is lower, the Low Power Mode gets automatically enabled, this will restrict or somehow increase the loading time for images from iCloud Photo Link.

Why is it easy to download from iCloud Photos link?

Sending photos one by one is something hectic and storage-consuming. But creating an iCloud Photo link and sharing all at once is the best method that’s not even time taking nor storage-consuming. Just a link and that’s it.

Final Words

Sharing Photos or Videos using an iCloud link is far better than sharing it individually, but sometimes things won’t go well as expected and you may experience a shared album not working issue.

But with proper methods to fix this, you will stand out with a permanent solution for the “Why iCloud link not working” issue. We hope our guide answers all that you were looking for, do let us know.

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