Effective Ways To Make Yahoo Your Homepage On Google Chrome

Various Effective Ways To Make Yahoo Your Homepage On Google Chrome
Various Effective Ways To Make Yahoo Your Homepage On Google Chrome


While there are a variety of email platforms accessible today, Yahoo is one of the most popular options for most people. However, there may be occasions when you consider how to Make Yahoo Your Homepage On Google Chrome. When you set Yahoo as your homepage on your computer, you’ll have quick access to Yahoo services whenever you open a browser. You must change the settings to designate. 

However, there are several options for changing your browser’s default homepage to Yahoo. We’ll show you how to make Yahoo my homepage on Windows 10 using a variety of web browsers in this blog post.

How Do You Make Yahoo My Computer’s Home Page?

1.  Follow the instructions below to find out how to make Yahoo your default homepage in Google Chrome

  • On your PC, open Google Chrome and select the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Toggle the bar for the option ‘Showhome button’ on the next screen, under the Appearance section.
  • Under the ‘Showhome button’ option, select the ‘Enter custom web address’ option.
  • When you click the ‘Home’ button, type in the address you want to open.
  • Now, type the URL of the Yahoo website you want to use as your default homepage (e.g., www.yahoo.com, mail.yahoo.com, news.yahoo.com, etc.).
  • Locate the option to ‘Open a specific page or set of pages’ near the bottom.
  • After entering the address you wish to see when Chrome begins, click Add.
  • Multiple Yahoo pages can be added, and they will open in separate tabs.
Make Yahoo Your Homepage On Google Chrome

2. If you want to know how to make Yahoo my homepage in Mozilla Firefox, follow the steps below

  • On your computer, launch Mozilla Firefox.
  • Select Options from the menu bar by clicking on the menu button.
  • Select ‘Home’ from the left panel.
  • Select ‘Custom URLs’ from the ‘Homepage and new windows’ drop-down menu.
  • In the text field labelled “Paste a URL,” type the required Yahoo address.
  • Close and reopen the browser to see the entered Yahoo address as the default home page.

3. If you’re using the Safari web browser and want to know how to make Yahoo my homepage, follow the steps below

  • On your computer, open Safari.
  • After clicking the Edit menu, go to Preferences.
  • Select “Homepage” from the “Safari opens with” selection.
  • Select Homepage from the “New windows open with” drop-down box and type the Yahoo URL you want to use as the Safari browser’s homepage.
  • To add the Home button to the toolbar, first, go to the View menu and select “Customize Toolbar.” To add the Home button to Safari, drag it into the toolbar.

4. Steps in Internet Explorer to make the Yahoo homepage

To make Yahoo your default homepage in Internet Explorer, go to the browser’s ‘Tools’ button, which looks like a gear.

Then, from the Internet Explorer toolbar, select the ‘Internet’ option and go to the ‘General’ tab.

All you have to do now is change the web address field with one of the Yahoo addresses listed below:

  • Yahoo! News: news.yahoo.com
  • Yahoo! Search: www.yahoo.com
  • Yahoo! Mail: mail.yahoo.com
  • Yahoo! Shopping: shopping.yahoo.com

After that, simply go to the same ‘General’ tab’s ‘Startup’ section and pick the option to ‘Start with this homepage.’

Simply click the ‘Apply’ and then the ‘OK’ buttons to complete the process.

Now hit the ‘Alt + Home’ keys to take you to your Yahoo homepage in Internet Explorer. This will also assist you in cases where your Yahoo Mail address (if you pick Yahoo! Mail: mail.yahoo.com) is not working in other browsers.

11 Things about Yahoo You didn’t know

Yahoo, one of the most well-known names on the Internet, was one of the first companies to help consumers find their way around the web, but it has since lost its position as a leader.

Yahoo announced on Monday that it would sell its core Internet business to Verizon for $4.8 billion, concluding a protracted drop from its peak market value of $125 billion in 2000.

Here Are Some Important Yahoo Facts:

1. Yahoo was founded in 1994 by Stanford University students David Filo and Jerry Yang as a form of Internet directory. “Jerry and Dave’s Guide to the World Wide Web” was the original moniker, and when the Yahoo name was chosen, its founders joked that it stood for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.”

2. It’s initial public offering (IPO) in 1996 was the largest ever for a technology company at the time.

3. Yahoo, situated in Sunnyvale, California, is the main Internet “portal” for many years and has the homepage for those looking for information or clicking on categories like sports, finance, and entertainment.

4. It had a workforce of 11,700 workers. Marissa Mayer was named CEO in July 2012, however, she has been laying off a lot of people. Its employment count was expected to be 9,400 as of March 31, and it was decreasing.

5. Yahoo was formerly the most popular Internet search engine, but Google, which debuted in 1998, has since surpassed it.

Make Yahoo Your Homepage On Google Chrome

6. According to Netmarketshare data, Yahoo is responsible for only 7.7% of global online searches, compared to 70% for Google and 11% for Microsoft’s Bing.

7. According to eMarketer, Yahoo is anticipated to grab only 1.5 per cent of the global digital advertising market this year, down from 2.1 per cent last year.

8. Yahoo continues to be a popular online destination for email, messaging, news, and video thanks to its Web site. According to ComScore, it has 204 million regular visits in the United States, making it the third-largest digital media brand in the country.

9. In October, Yahoo became the first internet provider to stream an NFL regular-season game, attracting 15 million viewers.

10. Yahoo’s finances have been tainted by its investment in Alibaba in China. It paid $1 billion for a 40% share in Alibaba in 2005, and its current investment is worth $30 billion, accounting for the vast bulk of Yahoo’s market value of $37 billion. Yahoo Japan is another company in which it has a multibillion-dollar interest. These assets will not be transferred to Verizon and will instead be held by a separate company.

11. In 2013, Yahoo made a bid to reach a younger audience by spending $1 billion on the online blogging platform Tumblr.


Using Yahoo services may be a common occurrence in your everyday lives, and adding Yahoo to your web browser’s homepage makes it easier to access the different features of Yahoo.

Follow the instructions in this article to establish Yahoo as the homepage for several browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari, and begin enjoying Yahoo’s new adventure.

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