Netflix Not Loading On Samsung Tv: Fixes In Easy Ways

Netflix Not Loading On Samsung Tv 

If you encounter the Netflix not loading on Samsung tv error, you should do the following:-

  • Move to Settings first and choose Apps. 
  • Afterward, select the option System Apps. Choose the Netflix app and tap on Clear Cache.
  • Start the Netflix app again after clearing the cache.

Users usually do not encounter any errors while enjoying Netflix on a Samsung TV. But it may crash or not load. Technical problems are the reasons behind it, and you can fix the error by uninstalling Netflix and reinstalling it, closing the app and reopening it, and so on. 

Reasons: Why is Netflix not loading on my smart TV?

Several users said they are experiencing the problem of Netflix not loading on Samsung TVs. If it happens, you need to open the app on your Samsung TV, but you can not see anything on display. It can annoy you when you want to stream something. As no user wants to encounter any delay or error. 

You can fix the issue by powering off the Samsung TV and disconnecting it. Besides, you must keep your television powered off for a minimum of five minutes before starting this again. You should attempt to load the app. Hence, you must have the internet.

Check if Netflix is Facing Server Maintenance

Suppose the app is running the latest version, and the internet connection is also good, but the app is unable to work on the device. If it happens, ensure that Netflix servers are down or offline. 

If that is the case, you cannot play any content or open the app. It is one of the reasons why Netflix doesn’t work on Samsung TVs. Hence, you should attempt to check the server to confirm if it is down in your area before you go to any other measures. 

Netflix Not Loading On Samsung Tv 

If you want to check the server’s status, you need to navigate to the Netflix page to check on the problem. Instead, you may take the help of a third-party website like

But when the servers are down, you can’t do anything to fix the Samsung tv Netflix not working issue. 

Fixes In Details For Netflix not loading on Samsung tv 

1. Reboot Your TV

This solution is very reliable, and you can apply this when you see many bugs and glitches in the TV’s storage. You should know that the Samsung television can offer high performance. But remember that you need to restart them every once in a while so that they can continue offering optimum performance.

When you experience the error, ensure that you restart your television at least one time before you attempt other fixes. This solution can resolve errors, including Samsung TV freezing in the middle of a video, login problems, etc.

2. Ensure the Internet Is Working

The app must require a stable network connection to work efficiently. So, if you plan to start Netflix on your TV and see that it isn’t working, ensure that there is a network issue. 

You can check it on another mobile or other devices. Suppose you do not have any other device near you. Then, you should try to test the network connection from your Samsung Smart TV.

You should hit the Home button first and then move to Settings. Thereafter, your task is to go to the Support, Device Care, Self Diagnosis, and Smart Hub Connection Test. After completing the test, a list of problems will occur with the internet connection so that you can resolve the issue. 

3. Update Netflix and Samsung TV

You must keep the Netflix and the firmware of the smart TV updated so that you can fix the bugs which could be available in any version. Just choose Settings and access the update section to update the firmware. You should try to update to avoid several Netflix error codes regularly. Try to open the Play Store on the Samsung TV. Then, check if any updates exist on the app. If you find any updates, attempt to install these. 

4. Clear Cache

When you are using your TV for an extended period, a lot of temporary cache data is stored in the storage section. If these files get corrupted, you can encounter many errors, including Netflix not working on Smart TV.

Clearing the cache on a regular basis can help you to prevent the problem.

  • Your first task is to hit the Home button on the Samsung Smart TV.
  • After that, what you are required to do is to head toward Settings and choose Apps.
  • Afterward, you should select the option System Apps.
  • Next, you need to choose the Netflix app. After that, you have to tap on Clear Cache.
  • After clearing the cache, you should start the app again.

5. Reinstall the Netflix App

You can try to delete the Netflix app and reinstall this after that to resolve the error. Hence, you should first access the App Settings to delete the app. Then, you are required to use the uninstall option to remove Netflix.

You should head toward the App Store to reinstall the app. Then, find Netflix in the search menu. Finally, your job is to click on install so that you can get this app again.


1. Is Netflix down?
No, it is not experiencing any interruption currently. 

2. How to sign out of Netflix using the Konami code
With the help of the Konami code, it is possible to sign out of Netflix. Besides, it is possible to reset the app also. Thus, you can get a fresh start on Netflix whenever you return to log in again.

  • If you want to sign out of Netflix with the code, your first task is to go to the Netflix app and open it on the Samsung Smart TV.
  • With the remote controller, you must input the pattern— Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up. 
  • Perform this step properly to log out from the account. Then, the Netflix log-in home page will appear on the TV display.

3. How to uninstall Netflix on your Samsung smart TV
You need to hit the Home button so that you are able to open up the Home display menu. Now, you should move to Apps. After that, you should hit the Settings icon, which you can see in the top right corner. Choose the app that you are willing to delete. At last, you are required to choose Delete. Then, you have to choose Delete again to confirm your action. 

4. How do I reset Netflix on my Samsung?
If you want to reset it, you should head toward the Home display first. Then, your job is to choose Settings. Now, you need to swipe the page down until the app is available. After that, you should choose Netflix. Finally, you need to slide this Reset switch to the On position. 

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