Reasons For Not Getting Text Notification On Iphone

not getting text notifications on iphone
not getting text notifications on iphone

Is your iPhone failing to send you alerts or notifications when someone sends you a message, not getting text notifications on iphone ? Research has found that it is a very annoying IOS 14.2 bug. It causes the message alert to not work how they are expected to send alerts to the user.

So when the message notification is not appearing, the red badge for messages is missing which otherwise informs the users about the unread text messages. This is the same for the iMessage as well as the regular messages.

How Do I Turn On My Text Notifications Back On?

It becomes very problematic if iPhone users do the receive the important messages on time as the text messages are already delivered but the users don’t have any knowledge about it.

So it needs to be fixed. It’s done in the message settings. Follow the steps below:

  • Manage notification for messages.
  • Go to the ‘setting’ option and then click on ‘notification’ and then tap on the ‘message’.
  • Then choose the option of turning the notification on.
  • You can also set the position, location of the message notification.
  • Click and choose the alert sound for message notification.
  • Choose when the preview of the message appears
not getting text notifications on iphone
not getting text notifications on iphone

How Do I Fix My iPhone Not Receiving Text?

To fix an iPhone which is not receiving text, you need to learn some process or tips to fix it.

  • At first, try and check whether the problem is getting fixed only by restarting the device or not.
  • If you’re still not receiving your text, check the data connection or the wifi setting as iMessage and MMS requires a strong data connection to get received.
  • You also need to check whether your device has the minimum space left to receive the message which may include images and videos.

Why Am I Not Getting My Notifications?

To get a notification it is required that the cellular data is turned on or the device is connected to a wifi connection. Even firewalls and proxies sometimes affect the ability to receive notifications. For that, you can even use the Apple push notifications service to get help with that.

How Do I Turn On Notifications For A Specific App?

To turn on the notifications from some specific app follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, you have to check whether the app supports the notification feature.
  • If it supports, then go to settings then click on the notification options.
  • Then you need to select that specific app whose notification you are trying to receive on your phone and check if the allowed notification is on.
  • It might be the cause that you haven’t selected the banners. So for the next step select banners.
  • You also need to make sure that you’re signed in with your Apple ID.
  • It’s also required that the do not disturb mode is turned off.
  • If the Apple has been recently installed then click to open it and check whether it’s showing notifications.
not getting text notifications on iphone
not getting text notifications on iphone

Why Is My iPhone Not Notifying Me When I Receive A Text IOS 14?

If you are not receiving your text messages notifications on your iOS 14 device, there are chances that they do not disturb mode is on. So you first need to turn it off.

But if that doesn’t help then go to settings to turn on or allow the text notifications. If that doesn’t help then force a restart of the device as in many situations just simply restarting the device has fixed the problem.

If all the process doesn’t help then try and restart the network connections settings. Reset it by entering your passcode. Lastly, if none of these helps, you need to get the device repaired to receive notifications.

Why Is My iphone Not Getting Text Notifications When Locked?

We know very well that iOS allows the users a good deal to control how the notifications are to be displayed on the screen. Most of the apps allow notifications to be sent even if the phone is locked.

So if you are not receiving notifications on your device when the device is locked you need to fix that.

Follow the simple steps given below.

  • You need to go to the settings to ensure that the notifications are allowed.
  • Then go to the ‘show preview’ option and among the three options of ‘always’, ‘never’ and ‘when unlocked’, select always. This actually means that even if your iphone is locked, the notifications will be shown to you.
  • Then if you scroll down the previous page you’ll see various apps and tapping on these apps will present you the notification setting of these apps from where you can decide if it’s enabled or not.
not getting text notifications on iphone

Why Is My iphone Not Getting Text Notification From One Contact?

If your device is not making you alert of some text messages only from certain contacts, then there may be some problem with the contact.

So first try restarting. If that doesn’t work, reset in again after deleting the contact. Add the contact after the phone gets on.

How To Fix Text Notification From Certain Contacts?

To fix the problem of not getting text notifications from certain contacts, here we have posted some simple steps for you to follow.

  • At first check whether you have set a message tone or text notification tone for the particular contact.
  • Then you can check the custom setting of the contacts whose notifications are not getting alerted. You need to pull one of those contacts and tap on the edit option at the top right corner of your screen. If the alert tone was selected none then change it to a new alert tone and click ‘done’ at the end.
  • You can also check the notifications settings and the sound alert if it doesn’t get fixed.
  • Toggle the bluetooth of the iphone as text alerts may be sent to the connected bluetooth device instead of your iphone.
  • You have to check whether the iMessage notifications are working or not. For that go the settings then click on message and then click toggle iMessage green so that you can check whether all the contact addresses are correct.

Tips To Get iphone Text Notification On A Apple watch

If your iPhone not getting text notifications with an Apple Watch, follow some simple steps to fix it. To connect and get notified about unread and new text messages on your Apple Watch go to settings in your iPhone and click on the notification option.

  • For the first step you need to make sure that you’re all set to receive notifications on your Apple watch. So turn on everything that is needed to receive notifications.
  • Now you have to open your Apple watch on your iphone. Click on the notification option there.
  • If it’s selected ‘minor my iphone option’ by default change it to ‘custom’ and turn on all the alerts which includes receiving notifications and alerts.
Why am I not getting my Notifications?
Why am I not getting my Notifications?

Once it’s done you’re not going to miss any alerts or notifications on your Apple Watch.


It becomes very problematic when due to technical issues we miss important messages and notifications. But to save your day, we have put forward some guides and steps that may help you in resolving such technical issues.

If you perform these steps, then your glitches will be solved.

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