Pre-order STRONGER, FASTER, SMARTER to help support the Innocence Network

Pre-order STRONGER

For every copy sold from now until Jan. 31 2015, Tarcher Books will donate $1 to support the exoneree programs at the Innocence Network’s annual conference!

About the Book:

What do you do if you’re sentenced to 40 years in prison for a murder you didn’t commit?

You become STRONGER, FASTER, SMARTER—which is exactly what 19-year-old Ryan Ferguson vowed to do as he headed to prison. In the ten years that followed, Ryan would face tremendous challenges, both mental and physical, as he adapted to prison life and continued to fight for his freedom.

Inspired by his life-altering ordeal, Ryan’s book, STRONGER, FASTER, SMARTER: A Guide to Your Most Powerful Body (Tarcher/Penguin paperback, on-sale Jan 2015), shares details about his life behind bars and how anyone can transform their body into a formidable physical powerhouse—even if you’re trapped in a small concrete box.

Read an excerpt from STRONGER, FASTER, SMARTER.

You can pre-order your copy through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local indie bookseller

Learn more here.

About the Innocence Network: 

The Innocence Network is an affiliation of organizations dedicated to providing pro bono legal and investigative services to individuals seeking to prove innocence of crimes for which they have been convicted and working to redress the causes of wrongful convictions.


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