Why Are Hulu Commercials So Loud & How To Fix

Why Are Hulu Commercials so Loud?

For those people wondering why are Hulu commercials so loud, they must know that these commercials are planned to be louder than the average volume to grab viewers’ attention.

While companies try to find new buyers through commercials, their efforts spoil the mood of people streaming their favorite show or movie.

However, a few tips can help you fix this issue of loud commercials. The best thing you can do is become a premium member of Hulu to stream ad-free content. In addition, you can install any ad-blocking plugin from the browser. Here, take a brief look at these fixes for loud commercials on Hulu.

Fixes To Normalize The Ad Volume On Hulu TV

The Federal Communication Commission makes proper guidelines regarding volume control for commercials. It states that commercials must-have volume in the average range of the shows on the channel.

However, still, these Hulu TV commercials are extremely loud thannormal. But, with these below-shared fixes, you no longer need not face this problem anymore. Here are the five best fixes for normalizing the Ad Volume on Hulu TV:

1. Get Hulu TV Premium Subscription

The best way to avoid this loud commercial problem is to get a Hulu TV premium subscription. The premium package is $12.99 per month, which is normal for a standard package and removes all ads from Hulu TV. With this premium Hulu TV subscription, you will be able to watch commercial-free content of shows and movies for free.

Why Are Hulu Commercials so Loud?

In addition, you will access the huge library of Hulu TV original shows, trending movies, and all-time favorite shows in different languages without facing those irritating commercials. This can solve the problem of loud commercials once and for all.

2. Use The Auto Volume Control Feature Of Your TV

If there is an Auto Volume Control feature on your TV, it can also help you tackle these loud Hulu commercials. First, go to your TV settings and manually make volume changes for the commercials. Next, you must set low volume levels for commercials and high volumes for shows.

It’s because high volumes distract viewers from commercials, making them interested in watching the show rather than the commercial. So, whenever a loud commercial appears on Hulu TV, lower your volume control setting and enjoy that moment without any disturbances.

3. Ad Blocker Plugin

Another simple fix for this situation is installing any browser-based ad-blocking plugin on your device. You can use any ad-blocking plugin to remove all Hulu TV commercials from the screen since ads are the main factor for the loudness of commercials. This ad blocking plugin will work as a filter for any advertising content on Hulu TV.

Using Chrome or Microsoft, you can get an ad skipper for every browser type. In addition, installing these ad blockers is quite simple. Just download any ad-blocker for Hulu TV and install it to start streaming ad-free content.

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4. Change The Sound Settings

For smart TV owners, manually controlling the audio level settings in their deviceis also an option. For example, you can change the volume of commercials according to the average volume setting of Hulu TV.

In addition, you can check the volume of commercials through the closed captions. Here’s how you can change sound settings in the Hulu app to avoid seeing high-volume commercials:

  1. Open Hulu TV and look for the volume modifier option available on the screen.
  2. Now click on the speaker symbol appearing on the right-bottom corner of your screen.
  3. A small blue circle containing a volume bat will appear.
  4. Use your remote to bring down these volume bars to a low level.
  5. Finally, save these changes and restart the Hulu TV app.
  6. Now, next time while streaming your favorite Hulu show, you will not be bothered by any loud commercials.

5. Get An Audio Suppressor Device For Ads

If you are too annoyed with loud commercials on Hulu TV and want to block them, you can buy an audio suppressor device for ads. These devices work on the same technology as used in hearing aids.

This device will help to decrease the volume of any noisy sound, which makes it a good solution for commercials and show volume. In addition, this audio suppressor can be worn in your ears with remote control function to adjust volume according to your need.

Reasons Commercials Are So Loud On Hulu.

Ad companies’ strategic move is to make loud commercials to catch your attention. They believe that selling a product becomes easier once they have their viewer’s attention.

While Hulu claims to be resolving the matter, no significant progress is seen as people continue to face these loud commercials while streaming on Hulu TV. Here are a few reasons to understand why Hulu commercials are so loud:

  1. Ad Companies believe that these loud commercials will make people notice their brands. People will remember the ad’s content and never forget the brand when they watch their ads. While it can work with some individuals, it does not work for all.
  2. Hulu itself is 10 to 20 decibels louder than normal streaming apps. So, everything is a little extra on Hulu, whether you are streaming any show or any random commercial.
  3. Hulu TV commercials are not in sync with the actual show that is playing. So you have to press the mute button to mute them out of your ear’s range or use headphones to hear them less than others might find irritating.
  4. Also, the law regarding controlling the volume of ads is not perfect. However, advertising agencies have found their way around making their ads louder than normal. Another surprising thing is that Hulu TV doesn’t fall under the authority of the FCC.

Hulu has also mentioned that users can use the volume control option to lower the volume of commercials. But, if you lower the ad volume, then it might create problems for you to hear anything from the TV screen.

How Do Viewers Get Around This Annoying Volume Issue?

There is no specific way to get around this loud commercials problem, as it is not a technical issue. However, if you are looking for short-term solutions, you can use any of the tips mentioned above.

Why Are Hulu Commercials so Loud?

In addition, if you want to avoid these loud commercials in the future, consider using any premium package or installing an ad blocker for Hulu TV.

If you want to permanently remove the loud volume ads on Hulu TV, then pay for a premium subscription. It will let you enjoy cable-quality original shows along with shows from Viacom and Fox channels on your desired device without any disturbance. But, in this case, you must spend double the money to get rid of those loud ads forever and ever.

You can enjoy an ad-free environment with an ad blocker for the Hulu TV app. The only issue with this technique is that it cannot block all ads from commercials. If you are willing to pay to remove commercials entirely, you will have to buy a separate commercial blocker for the Hulu TV app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I automatically mute the commercials?

No, there is no option to mute commercials. However, you can control them. For example, you can use Hulu TV’s volume functions to lower the volume settings of commercials. Instead, you can try any shared methods to block ads on Hulu TV.

2. Why are Hulu Live commercials so loud?

Hulu commercials are no longer in sync with the show. Instead, they are played at high volume and make you hear them even if you cover your ear. This is nothing but an annoying practice of advertising agencies that want to make their ads noticed by viewers.

3. Why are Hulu Commercials becoming longer?

Hulu commercials are becoming longer because of changes in the video policy. Previously, Hulu ads were 10 to 15 seconds in length. But now, Hulu ads are 20 to 60 seconds long. As a result, viewers have to face longer commercial breaks while streaming content on their TV.

4. Can you turn down the commercials on Hulu?

No, you cannot control the volume of commercials on Hulu TV. Instead, you can reduce the volume by pressing the mute button on the remote. But, in this case, you will not be able to hear anything from the TV screen. If you are using a Smart TV, then you can use its auto volume control feature to avoid hearing loud commercial breaks.

In the end, it is pretty evident that Hulu TV also has a volume assessment tool that allows you to be more specific about your volume controls. We hope, While Hulu is working on sorting out this problem, you can use these above-shared tips to ease out your problem of facing cranky loud commercials.

And of, Of course, the best thing to do is to get a premium subscription on Hulu TV, as it will allow you to stream trending, ad-free content.

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