How To Fix The Problem Of Snapchat Not Working?

why is snapchat not working
snapchat not working

In modern days, users face a major problem of Snapchat not working. Users must use the official Snapchat app from the Google play store. The device’s clock and date should be in order. The users must have a valid Google Account before using the Snapchat app.

The snapchat app is not working is mainly due to some trouble in the app. The new, updated version of the app contains some varied features that cannot cope up with the existing version of the app.

Several reasons why snapchat not working- Snapchat a messaging platform often faces the problem of a server outage. During this time users are unable to use the app. The problems can be-

  1. Problem in loading and opening of snapchat.
  2. Problem in sending and receiving messages and snaps.
  3. Problem in the snapchat camera.
  4. Problem in receiving notifications.
  5. Problem in logging in to the account.
  6. Problem in getting proper connectivity to run.
snapchat not opening,snapchat crashing
why is snapchat not working

The Snapchat app faces a major problem due to various reasons. The reasons can be either directly related to the users or can be from the service centers.

  • One of the major reasons why snapchat not working is that, it experienced a global service outage.
  • Another issue is the lack of proper internet connectivity.
  • Users account might be locked due to some technical or privacy issues.
  • If users send spam, unsolicited snaps then the app service consider it as an abuse and it immediately stops the service.
  • Users should have verified email address and phone number before adding too many friends. Otherwise the account will be locked.
  • Old version of the snapchat app may stop working.
  • Incorporation of new, advanced features of snapchat app hinders the existing app to function properly.
  • Snapchat can also stop working if the device’s software is not updated to the latest version.
  • Again if the internal storage of the device cannot provide ample space to the snapchat data, then it slows down and functions poorly.
  • If too many applications run simultaneously at the background, it can hamper the working of snapchat app.

Various Ways To Fix The Problem Of Snapchat Crashing

Snapchat not working mainly due to corrupted or spam data. A certain portion of the data segment present within the app’s memory, known as cache or temporary data might have been corrupted.

This in turn affects the proper functioning of the app. Users in order to get rid of the problem must consider several aspects.

  1. Updating the Snapchat App- Snapchat might stop working if the app is not updated to the latest versions. So it is very essential to update the app first.

Opening Google Play Store → clicking on three horizontal lines → clicking on “My apps and games → selecting Snapchat app → clicking on update.

  1. Updating the Device’s System Software- If the user’s phone is not updated to the latest version then also there is a chance for snapchat to stop working. So it is the responsibility of the user to check whether the phone needs any update.
  • Users need to open Settings.
  • Clicking on About Phone or Software Update.

Some phones might have an option named “About phone” whereas some have “Software Update”. So users have to choose accordingly.

  1. Checking Internet Connections- Poor internet connections hinders the smooth functioning of the app. Good network connections will not provide any error messages. For verifying if the problem arises due to this then users can open the browser and try to open
    If there is problem in loading then network connection is the issue, but if there is no problem, then users have to check App’s network Permissions.
how to fix snapchat not working,snapchat glitch
why is my snapchat camera not working

Opening Snapchat → clicking on the avatar icon to open the user’s own profile → clicking on the Settings icon in the top right corner → tapping on Permissions → clicking on “Tap to enable” → system settings will open → selecting “Permissions” → allowing Snapchat permissions to use everything it needs.

  1. Clearing Snapchat App Cache- Snapchat app uses the phone’s internal memory to save all sorts of data and other downloaded media. If the stored files are corrupted then it can prevent snapchat to work. It is very important to clear all the spam and corrupted files. There will be no loss of any data or snaps.
  • Opening Snapchat app
  • Opening the Self profile.
  • Selecting settings icon.
  • Selecting Clear Cache.
  • Clicking on Continue.
  1. Restarting the Phone- One of the simplest solutions is to restart the phone when snapchat is not working. Restarting the phone is the basis for fixing any problems of Snapchat app.

Restarting can refresh both software and hardware features, closes all background processes, and starts an afresh session on the phone.

Pressing the long power button → selecting Restart or Reboot.

  1. Deleting and Reinstalling Snapchat App- To fix the problem of snapchat not working, users can delete the app and can again install it.

Opening of Google play store → searching for Snapchat → Selection of the official app→ clicking on Uninstall to remove the Snapchat →After a while, clicking on Install to re-install the Snapchat.

  1. Enhancing More Storage- If the phone is having shortage of storage space, snapchat may stop working. It cannot save photos and videos. Users can delete unwanted, duplicate photos and videos to free up some space.
  1. To Check Whether the Account is Locked Users cannot access the snapchat app if their account is locked. Account can get locked due to-
  • Use of third-party mobile app.
  • Using un-verified email addresses and phone number.
  • Adding too much friends.
  • Sending spam and corrupted messages and photos.

In this case, users need to contact the Snapchat service center and they have to provide all legal information about the account.

  1. Users need to Reset System Settings- Users have to reset all system settings to fix the problem of snapchat crashing.
  • Users must go to Settings.
  • They have to scroll down and tap on “system”.
  • Clicking on “Reset” options.
  • Tapping on “Reset all System settings”.
  1. Users need to Delete Snapchat Conversations- Snapchat conversations consume a large amount of space. It must be deleted.

Opening Snapchat → navigating to own profile → tapping on “Gear” icon → choosing Settings → selecting Privacy → selecting Clear conversation.

How To Fix The Problem Of Snapchat Not Opening?

Snapchat app sometimes creates a blunder while opening. In this case, users instead of getting panicked must follow the steps to fix the problem.

  • Users need to restart the phone at first.
  • They should check the network connectivity.
  • Then they have to restart the snapchat app.
  • Users have to log out and then again log in.

How To Fix The Problem Of Snapchat Notifications?

For each and every application, notifications are very essential as users remain updated about the various activities on the app. Notifications are important aspects mainly for messaging apps and other social media platforms.

why are my snaps not sending
why is my snapchat not working

Sometimes users are unable to receive notifications while using the Snapchat app. To fix the problem users have to check the notification settings.

  • Opening Snapchat App.
  • Clicking on the avatar icon to open the user’s own profile.
  • Tapping on “Gear” icon.
  • Opening snapchat settings.
  • Clicking on “Notifications”.
  • Checking on “Enable Notifications”.

Refreshing the background app allows several apps and programs to check for an update while running in the background. This will also enable the user to receive notifications from the app they are using.

How To Fix The Problem Of Snapchat App Not Sending Snaps?

It is also a major problem that user faces while using the Snapchat app. They are unable to send snaps and messages. To get rid of this problem, users must follow the different ways-

  1. Users can only able to send snaps to their friends who are added.
  2. Sometimes due to temporary error during run time, snapchat fails to work. So restarting the app is the best way out.
  3. Users have to turn off VPN as it changes the users IP address and hides the online information affecting the network stability.
  4. Users can report the problem to the snapchat. Profile → Settings → choosing “I spotted a bug” → selecting Friends → sharing the problem in details.

Millions of people around the world use the Snapchat app. Error is a common thing to occur at the time of accessing the app. So users need to remember various ways to fix the problem of Snapchat crashing.

They always have to follow the privacy rules and regulations of the app before accessing it. Users should not get indulged in any malicious activities for which their account gets locked or deactivated.

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