Leanne Jacobs on Trusting Your Gut

Trusting Your Gut
Trusting Your Gut

Sometimes finding meaning in your work or happiness in your career requires more than just getting a promotion.

Sometimes you need to shift your mindset and step out of what’s familiar to find Career Clarity.

Several TarcherPerigee authors have experienced this firsthand, and in this series, these authors describe their big leaps—how they did

it, what they learned along the way, and the advice they have for others who are considering a major career shakeup.

Name: Leanne Jacobs

Author of:Beautiful money

Former Position: Sales + Marketing Manager

Career Switch: Entrepreneur

What Prompted You To Make The Shift From Your Former Career Or Field Into Your Current One?

I had a burning desire to have more freedom in my life and create a lifestyle that suited my passion for travel and wellness. I wanted to create more financial independence for myself before starting a family.

What Were The Biggest Concerns Or Fears You Experienced When You Made This Decision? How Did You Overcome Them?

I definitely worried about failing but even more so, I was giving up the security of a job, a pension and healthcare benefits. I was giving up almost 10 years of corporate experience to jump into entrepreneurship.

My family was also reminding me of the security I would lose. I guess I have always been someone who thrives on a challenge. I decided to jump in anyway.

I evaluated worst case scenario and figured I could live with that. Best case scenario was freedom and being the CEO of my life and a thriving business.

Looking Back, Is There Anything You Would Do Differently—Or Anything That You Wish You’d Known Then That You Know Now?

Honestly, I so value my time at the companies I had the pleasure of working at. The people I met were amazing and the skills I developed were invaluable.

The timing just felt right for me. I trusted my gut and took action. I truly believe gut feelings never steer you wrong.

What Pieces Of Advice Would You Give To Someone Who Is Considering A Major Life Or Career Change?

Trust your gut, talk your change out with 1-2 people you truly trust and want the absolute best for you in life.

Make sure the people you choose are positive, motivated leaders in the world.

Is There A Book That You Would Recommend To Those Who Are Thinking About Making A Significant Life/Career Shift—A Book That Either Helped Or Inspired You?

The Big Leap was a big one for me. Also, Finding your North Star by Martha Beck.

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