Message Blocking Is Active Meaning, Causes And Ways To Fix It

Message Blocking Is Active Meaning
Message Blocking Is Active Meaning

Message Blocking Is Active Meaning any messages sent are not delivered to the receivers. Instead, there is a message that pops up on the screen “free message: unable to send message blocking is active”.

It denotes that the receiver to whom the message has been sent possesses a phone with outdated or default service.

Message blocking is active means the person is blocked and is unable to receive or send messages. If the message block is activated receivers do not receive any notifications regarding this aspect. This is a serious problem when receivers do not receive or send their urgent messages as text messages play an essential role in the sphere of communication.

This is a common problem for androids, iPhones,s, and T-Mobile.

Message Blocking Is Active Meaning
Message Blocking Is Active Meaning

Sometimes the receivers can be a part of blocked contacts and it can be resolved through direct communication from other devices. Parental controls are also inevitable. It indicates that the users have blocked their phone from sending messages to the receivers as the number is simply added to the blacklist.

Several Reasons Of Active Message Blocking

Users have seen the notification of free message: unable to send message- message blocking is active. This is very irritating and creates frustration among the users. Here receivers unable to receive messages.

There are several factors that bring the problem into the limelight.

  • Blocklist- This is one of the most common factor behind active message blocking. Whenever the sender or receiver belong to the category of blocked contacts lists of each other. Users can easily go through the matter through contacting them from other device.
  • Service Outage- The problem is the result of outdated service of the device. Users need to provide some amount of their precious time to the network providers for maintenance and servicing and for that reason they might have paused the messaging services. So, users need to wait for some time before getting the proper messaging services.
  • Unsuitable Plan- Users face the problem of active message blocking due to the selection of some unsuitable plan. There are many plans that provide facilities for free calls, large amount of data but prevent sending or receiving premium messages. Many official messages require main balance facility of the device.
  • Data Plan Issues- Some plans are only meant to serve the purpose of providing only unlimited data. This type of plan hinders users to send and receive any sort of text messages as it is beyond the plan used.
  • Short Code Issue- T-Mobile users mainly face the problem of code issues. Users need proper guidance of the expert technicians to get rid of the problem.
  • Text Message App Restrictions- The error of “free message: recipient unable to receive message- message blocking is active” indicates that the recipients have some restricted messages that will be received from certain group of users. Some messaging applications are responsible for the problem and users to some extend can allow the applications manually.

Methods To Block Messages

Users often have doubts regarding Message Blocking Is Active Meaning and how do you block text messages. They can easily block irrelevant text messages after blocking the number. Users can block the number from text messaging app directly.

  1. Best Way to Block Messages for Android Users-
  • Users need to open the message app and they should tap on that particular message that they want to block.
  • Then users have to tap the three dots menu present at the top right corner of the screen.
  • A drop down menu appears.
  • Users have to choose “Details”.
  • On the Details page, users must tap the option of “Block and Report spam”.
  • On the pop-up users have to choose whether they want to report about the text message as spam. If they do so, then have to activate the box for “Report spam”.
  • They must tap on “Ok” to block all upcoming messages from that particular sender.
Various Ways to Block Messages for iPhone Users- When people think how to block messages on iPhone; they must consider the following aspects. Users can also easily block spam texts on iPhone.
Message Blocking Is Active Meaning
  1. Various Ways to Block Messages for iPhone Users- When people think how to block messages on iPhone; they must consider the following aspects. Users can also easily block spam texts on iPhone.
  • Users have to open the message app on their iPhone.
  • Then they have to open that particular text message from the contact that the user wants to block.
  • They have to tap the number or the contact present at the top of the message already selected previously.
  • Users then click on the small info button.
  • The Details screen appears. On the screen, users must tap on the right facing arrow situated next to the name or address or phone number from where the messages have been send.
  • Users need to tap on “Block this caller” option as this will enable to stop receiving message and calls from that particular number.
  • They have to tap on “Block contact” again to confirm blocking from the pop-up.

Procedures To View Blocked Messages

When users want to know how to see blocked messages on iPhone, they should know that if they block someone then there is not any way out to see any messages from the blocked number.

But users can unblock the number and can able to receive messages again from the number.

  1. Users must open the settings app.
  2. Then they have to tap on “Phone”.
  3. Users have to tap on “Call Blocking and Identification”. It will display the lists of all contacts that have been blocked on the iPhone.
  4. They have to swipe a number to the left that users want to unblock and then have to tap on “Unblock”.
  5. That particular number will be unblocked and users can able to receive and see all text messages again.
  6. Users can also add filter to stop receiving messages from unwanted sources. Settings>Messages>Turning on the option “Filter unknown senders” to the right side>Two tabs will appear at the top of the message app>One tab for known people in the contact list>other for iMessages from unknown senders. Users must click on the first tab.

Possibility To Know About Blocked Number

When users have questions regarding how do you know if someone blocked my number, the users can able to know whether their number are blocked through several important criteria.

Message Blocking Is Active Meaning
  1. Unusual Messages after Calling- There is no such standard block messages as people don’t want others to know that they are blocked. But still there are some notifications with unusual messages that show the number is blocked. The messages displayed are-
  • “The person you are calling is unavailable.”
  • “The person you are calling is not accepting calls right now.”
  • “The number you are calling is temporarily out of service.”
  1. The Number of Rings- If users hear one ring or no ring and the call immediately goes to voicemail, then it is the sure indication of active blocking.
  2. Busy Signals- If users get constant busy signals before the call is dropped, that means their number is blocked. This is the most important aspect that shows active blocking.

Ways To Fix Problem Of Active Message Blocking

Users face problem when simple mobile message blocking is active. It depends on various factors and therefore receivers unable to receive messages. They should focus on several methods that can easily solve the problem of active message blocking and users can get rid of blocked text messages.

  1. Users Need to Check the Coverage Area- Before sending messages people must be within the area of proper network coverage. If the network coverage is zero or not available, then this can hinders the sending of any sort of text messages. Therefore users should move to the area where there is sufficient network coverage to deliver the messages.
  1. User’s Phone Should be Active- Users should check whether their phone is active before sending messages. They must visit settings app>then checking the listing of the phone>If the option is “Active” then they can able to send messages but if the option is “Suspended” or “Still Porting” then users cannot send or receive messages and have to wait until it is activated.
  1. Enough Storage Facility- Users also face trouble in sending text messages when the device’s optimum storage is full. There must be at least 15-20% free space for sending text messages. Users can able to free space through deleting unwanted apps, photos, videos and unnecessary files.
  1. Proper Plan Selection- Users before sending messages must check the availability of the message features. They need to enter into Account settings>Turn on or activate “Can send/Receive Text Messages” option.

If the particular option is enabled and still the user is facing problem in sending messages then it is not within the plan that the users have selected.

how to fix blocked messages
Message Blocking Is Active Meaning
  1. Re-save the Contacts- Sometimes problem can be with the contact information at which the messages are to be sent. So, in that case users can simply delete the contact and try to re-save the contact with correct informations.
  1. To Use Correct Country Codes- People when travel often face the problem of “message blocking is active” as the country code changes with pace of time and locality. So, users must set the correct country code before delivering any text messages.
  1. Unblock the Contacts- Users already come across the procedures to block any messages that are unwanted or constantly distracts people mind and attention. Sometimes users accidentally block any number and do not receive or send any messages to that particular contact. Now, they need to unblock that contact.
  • Users need to open Phone app and then tap on “More Options” button.
  • Navigating to settings and then scrolling down to the blocked numbers.
  • They have to click on the Unblock options present next to the blocked contacts.
  • Tapping on the option will remove the contact from the block list.
  1. Users Must Enable Premium Access- Users have to check this option before sending any text messages. To ensure whether this option is activated-
  • Users must go to settings and then click on App Management option.
  • Then they have to tap on the Messaging icon and then scroll down to Special access.
  • There is an option “Allow Premium Access”.
  • Users have to switch on the option and then can able to send messages.
  1. Content of the Text- If users want to send any text messages in association with images, emojis, GIFs and other attachments, then it may face obstructions in proper delivery. Sometimes this kind of message is not delivered also. Normal and simple text messages can be easily send free from any multimedia. Users should also note that any text messages more than 160 characters also faces difficulty in proper delivery.
  1. To Restart the Phone- Finally, users can restart their phone to get rid of the problem of active message blocking.
  • Users have to hold down the power button until it restarts.
  • If user’s phone has removable battery then can try to take it out and again put it back.
  • If there is no removable battery then users can try to remove the SIM card from their phone and again try to put it back.

Different Processes To Turn Off Message Blocking On Iphone

Users often have doubts regarding how to turn off message blocking on iPhone XR or what to do if message blocking is active on iPhone 13. So, users can easily get rid of this problem if they consider the following methodology.

Users face problem when simple mobile message blocking is active. It depends on various factors and therefore receivers unable to receive messages. They should focus on several methods that can easily solve the problem of active message blocking and users can get rid of blocked text messages.
Message Blocking Is Active Meaning
  1. Users should check whether the receiver’s information is loaded correctly. If any wrong information is recorded then there is problem in sending messages. All information like phone number, emails are to be loaded accurately.
  2. Users can eject and swap the SIM cards. They can remove the SIM card from their iPhone to any other Smartphone and try to send messages. If it is working then there is the problem with the user’s SIM card.
  3. Users need to turn off IMessages- iPhone provides the facilities for two messaging app, one is normal and regular texting app and the other is an iMessages. Sometimes, blocked on IMessages fail to function properly and it should be turned off.

Settings>Choosing Message option>Turning off the IMessages option>Again trying to send text messages.

  1. Users must try to send a text using IMessages with stable network connections.

Settings app of iPhone>Choosing Message option>Selecting send and received>Tapping on apple id and signing out from the device’s account>Restart the iPhone>Again opening settings>Choosing Message option>Tapping on the apple icon for activating IMessages.

  1. Users must check the network quality.
  2. Users need to update the device with latest version of IOS software.
  3. Users have to perform complete factory reset to fix the problem of active message blocking on iPhone.

Settings>General options>Choosing Reset options>confirming user’s phone number, phone code and apple id password>apple logo appears on the blank screen>Setting up the iPhone and then to send messages.

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